Spot.IM Commenting (Feb 25 latest update)

Hi everyone,

(Looking for updates? Scroll past this first part.)

Our entire commenting system under recaps, news, soapbox has changed from Disqus, Soaps and SheKnows Connect and is now routing through Spot.IM.

You are able to have Spot.IM use your Disqus account to login on our site so you will be able to keep your old username intact. For those who didn’t use Disqus, just register with your email address.

Feel free to use your old screen name. Once registered, you will receive a verification email. Verify your registration by clicking the link from the email.

Once you log in it’s almost exactly the same as using Disqus. Censored words are rejected or held for moderation. Some ‘toxic’ posts are held for being negative. Those are manually approved when a moderator has a chance. Please do not email us if a post is being held. We are working on removing this function altogether so all posts go live immediately.


You have the ability to use .gifs, photos and if this is abused you will be banned. Click around, click your screen name to find the settings and your profile. In your profile, you have Spot send you notifications via email when somebody likes or responds to a post you created.

Edit your preferences:

Go to any link and find your name right-hand side. Click down arrow and find all settings. Hit Privacy, Account Settings and beside Private Profile click ‘Enabled’ in order to turn off the setting if you don’t want your commenting activity on your profile.


Click profile and add a photo.
Click settings to change your password, and to set your notifications.

Click the down arrow beside any poster’s name to report a post. Please note that the guidelines must be adhered to not just in the message boards but in the comment section.


We are told that those using iOS 7 or 9 will have to upgrade their iOS in order to see comments both on Spot and in the message boards.

Spot.IM and Discourse message boards support iOS 10.3, and all those using the older versions will have issues.

If you do not want to update your iOS then it is suggested that downloading a free copy of Google Chrome as a browser might work as it has for a few.

Still issues even after all that? It could be a WiFi issue. If this issue arises, we can suggest that you extend the coverage area of your WiFi network with a WiFi Range Extender or Mesh Wifi.

October 9:

Update - The reason we have no emoji at the moment is because Spot changed to Conversion 2.0 in order to fix all of their other issues. They tell me C 2.0 doesn’t support emoji yet - but it will within a few months. More on that soon. Use the .gifs until then.

Posts disappearing - we cannot reproduce. I believe this is possibly for those using Disqus to login and I have finally gotten information from a poster about what exactly is happening. Adding the newfound information to the list.

Just an FYI - guests can like posts but would have to sign up in order to post.

Issues with the post button meshing with the post underneath it once in a while - I am told this should be resolved with their redesign in Q4 coming up soon. What I’ve been doing in the meantime is resizing my text which helps. I hit CTRL on my keyboard and use my mouse simultaneously to scroll down or up once or twice.

Better on-site notifications - this is supposed to be coming in their fourth quarter. I gave all of the feedback from posters as to what they are looking for and they are working on that.

December 18 latest update:

Still investigating a few other features for you and for us. Hang in there - we have a few new things coming up in the first quarter of next year (2020) along with the minor fixes that were leftover.

Please DO NOT contact us regarding issues that are already being worked on as it will not help get these items fixed any faster.

Please DO NOT email us to complain that your posts are still pending. Sometimes Spot.IM holds posts. The system automatically will think a post is toxic or incoherent for example but as long as they don’t go against site guidelines you’ll see a moderator approve them when they can. Keep in mind that the moderators are not sitting at their desks 24/7 and sometimes you will have to wait.

February 25 update:

The ‘muting’ function now works. This will mean that you can mute those with whom you do not wish to converse with. This also means you can stop reporting posts that don’t go against guidelines but that you disagree with. Check your profile for the mute function and test it out. Al you do is click the down arrow beside someone’s name and click mute.

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