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Taylor has been recast with actress Krista Allen (ex-Billie, DOOL). Will start Dec 10th.


Wonderful news…

I would like her to come back and ridge remember she was always the one he wanted, only for Taylor to tell him he has been contaminated and she is not interested….


I am so excited for this! I want Ridge and Taylor! In your face Brooke!


Still a hard pass, I know it’s more bait and switch. It was a big build up about steffy’s new man, Finn’s family is coming, Sheila is Finn’s mommy but it was at it’s core all about getting eyeballs to watch more of Brooke
and lope. Not interested, won’t watch. I’ve finally taken bell at his word that his heroine is hope Logan , so it’s all about her and her family which doesn’t interest me at all.


I like Krista Allen, although she wasn’t my favorite Billie. I think she will make a great Taylor.


It’s about time the character has been recast, Bell been a fool not to have Taylor in the story line. :upside_down_face:


I just googled her she looks like the perfect Taylor. I am beyond thrilled. I wonder if she’s on contract, recurring or just a guest appearance?


I remember her from Days and a couple movies. I don’t think it is believable that she has children in their mid 30s but I’m excited to see her again. I liked her a lot when she was playing Billie on Days.

I hope that Bell starts building his 20 something group. While it is nice that he has so many original characters, he needs to work on the younger generation.

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I hope they bring her back as the doctor she once was instead of the person Bell Jr. made her out to be. Steffy needs her mother. Taylor always had Steffy’s back. All of a sudden, Ridge is so interested in his father’s marriage to even think about what Sheila could do to Steffy.


In theory it’s absolutely fabulous news and something that’s been long overdue. That said, Taylor coming back would be beneficial for Steffy and bell only likes to see my girl suffer so I won’t hold my breath on him doing Taylor justice. Just look at how he’s dawged the character for the past several years. I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring Taylor back just to bring back up how she supposedly shot Bill in an effort to make her look just as crazy as Sheila.

Bell you got me once with Finn but I won’t be so easily fooled this time. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think I will be. Remember this is the same scum that had Taylor get down on her knees and beg BROOKE of all people. We’d be fools to expect anything but more humiliation for Taylor.


You’re probably right and I wish you weren’t but I’m going to take Taylor no matter how I can get her.

It’s the same thing for Thomas since he’s been back he’s spent much of his time begging Hope for love for forgiveness, begging Brooke for forgiveness, begging for a job, apologizing every other sentence. But I still want Thomas on my screen.

I don’t know what Bell has in store for Taylor but as long as she supports her daughter and her son then I don’t care because I know the Logans are the winners and the Tridge family are the losers that’s a given. But at least we’ll have the Tridge family.


I get what you’re saying. For me, Taylor faced more character assassination than Thomas did in the grander scheme of things but I do get what you mean. I feel Thomas has at least been given some redemption whereas I don’t trust that Bell will give Taylor the same. She doesn’t need redemption perse but a reset back to the strong woman she once was.

I understand the sentiment of any Taylor is better than no Taylor but for me personally, I’d rather not see my faves at all than see them abused and that applies even to my girl Steffy and why I rooted for JMW to go to another soap for so long because I’m just spent on seeing Steffy abused relentlessly.

That said, I genuinely hope that I’m wrong because this show needs original recipe Taylor to restore some balance.


Finally Brooke has someone who will actually put her in her place and remind her of the many things she loves to forget about.


If the real Taylor comes back and not the weak shell version we saw last time begging Brooke down on her knees :roll_eyes:


I want taylor to come back as fierce and strong as ever, be the matriarch of her family and find a man that is actually worthy of her (not immediately but eventually)


I also googled her, and she is similar to Taylor. I can’t wait to see her interact with Brooke. Also I don’t want to see her all needy with Ridge. For once it would be great to see the old Taylor, confident who takes no prisoners, like Steffy’s attitude. It sure would be nice to see Brooke, watching Ridge grab Taylor and kiss her in a Romantic way. We need a cat fight LOL!


Which Taylor are we getting? The non-ethical doctor, the hypercritical Taylor, or the bat-sh!t crazy Taylor?


With any luck LSV will be on the team writing for Taylor not Bell. I’d like Taylor to be restored to her prior status as a well-respected renowned psychiatrist. I would also like it to come to light that she was not the one who shot Bill that it was in fact Liam.


All of those would be true to who she is. Taylor has always been a lot . Hopefully they do a complete re-write with the character.


I was thrilled to hear/read this! It’s way past time that Taylor was brought back into story.