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Spinelli on a mission

Who thinks that Spinelli and Maxi should get back together? Have a feeling Maxi will need a shoulder to lean on very soon once Peter is exposed for the liar he is. Spinelli is on a mission to get his girl back with the help of Sam. Yes…let it be so.


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I am not ready to see Spinelli getting back together with Maxie…but I applaud his and Sam’s efforts to expose Peter for the Liar and Murderer that he is…

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Is Spinelli still with Ellie?

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From what I recall yes, she apparently got a job offer at a lab just outside of port Charles which is why they moved back and he’s been more involved in Maxie’s life along with Georgie! Ellie has been mentioned but not seen! I suspect that over time especially after the Peter reveal either Ellie will show back up in port Charles or they’ll somehow break them up off screen to reunite Maxie/Spinelli ?


Agree with this.

the LAST thing we need is another round of that typing monkey and Maxie. She has FINALLY grown up we dont need regression to that baby talk Maximista schtick with that Jason pom pom waver.

If maxie were grown up she wouldn’t be with Peter! And I adore spinelli he’s so much like my son with his witty personality and love for computers etc. I don’t judge because spinelli is probably special needs which my son is but that doesn’t make him dumb or wrong? It hurts my heart deeply when my son is bullied because he’s different :pleading_face: I pray he’s as amazing as spinelli without the criminal aspect of his character? Spinelli has always deeply loved maxie, is s loyal friend and an amazing father! Any woman would be blessed to have a man like that show so much devotion to them! Maxie isn’t worthy of spinelli because she doesn’t truly see him for who and what he is! Oh and spinelli isn’t wrong! Peter is not a good guy!

Me they were great together they were cute she got him and he got her


Agree totally

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So you don’t like Spinelli? :laughing:

I love Spinelli but I also don’t want a reunion between him & Maxie. Frankly I think Maxie should take a step back for a while and figure out why she seems always drawn to the wrong men (Nathan was an exception) and why she’s gonna have three children with three different men, two of which their fathers were dastardly people.

Grown up into a complete idiot! :roll_eyes: She’s just as ditzy and clueless as she’s always been. That little baby voice of hers grates on my every nerve. She’s acting ridiculous.

I think he just want to protect her I want what peter did it be reveal any idea when that will be?..?..

I dont want them back as a couple … Spinelli looks like a mouse cornered by a cat when Peter called him out on the phone call … I know most are looking for Peter to go down but I’m not one of them. Spinelli is annoying and Sam is too self righteous for my taste … I wanted them to redeem Peter after Nathans death dont know why they took this turn :frowning:


I think spinelli was recording the conversation that is why he was looking like a mouse cornered by mouse…?

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So do I. Spin isn’t “that” terrified of Heinrich Faison he just wanted him to lose it and have him believe he had scared him off. Since spoilers for sweeps indicate that Heinrich will be exposed it stands to reason that he was faking it and recording it. I hate the character and hope he gets what is coming to him but I doubt he will. Love Wes Ramsey but hate Heinrich!

Spinelli definitely was recording that conversation! He may have looked like a mouse then but will be sitting in the catbird seat when Peter is exposed.

I hope both Spinelli and Sam succeed…in making Peter pay for his Sins…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this. I was so surprised he got caught with the phone call.

No he’s a littl weasel creepo

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