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Speculation: Carter to Spencer Publications

Because of what has happened with Justin and because we know Carter is bound to have a fall out with the Foresters over Quinn, does anyone suspect he will go to spencer Publications?


that could be a possibility and Wyatt may not like his mother with Carter since he has been rude to her about her affair. They could really clash, I would love to see more of Wyatt.


Maybe but I don’t think Wyatt’s attitude had anything to do with who Quinn had the affair with. He thought he was attending her vow renewal only to discover he was attending her secret affair exposure. I think any son would have whiplash.

I want more screen time for Wyatt too but I’d prefer it be in the form of he and Carter discovering what Justin and Ridge are up to. I want Wyatt to save the day when it comes to SP, since my wish of him being the one to discover Justin holding Thomas in the cage went to a Logan.

So I prefer Wyatt team up with Carter.


I love that idea, maybe Wyatt will get some of the recognition he should have been getting all along.


I’m not sure I’d wish dollar Bill on Carter…but, and it’s a big but, I am really, really over how Eric is treating Carter. It is just despicable IMO, and yes I’m not forgetting Carter slept with Eric’s wife. But apologies were made and at that point it should have either been clean slate, or Eric fire him. Not all these conditions and demands.


I’m so so sick of that old man Father Time. Father Time treated Quinn like crap. He always treated Brooke better than Quinn. Brooke Logan needs married to both father and son. It’s beyond sick.


When Eric was married to Donna the show didn´t really catch my attention so I only watched occasionally. I am trying hard to remember if Brooke had a problem with her sister being married to Eric like she had for most of the other relationships that Eric got himself involved in.

I have a vague recollection that someone was trying to entice Donna away from Eric but I don´t know if she ever actually cheated on him.

I do not think that I can see Carter working for Bill. Bill is just a little too unethical for Carter.

Cater chooses quin and wyatt offers him a job ?
Ridge offers justin a job



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Carter and Wyatt teaming up would be great!