Sonny is Still Sonny

I said when Sonny first returned from Nixon Falls that he needed time. He’d suffered two head injuries, amnesia, and returned a man trying to integrate two lives. What he experienced as Mike was as real to him as his life as Sonny. Mike had friends and a sense of belonging. Sonny had a life full of family and his work as “coffee importer”. Then his best friend and second in command died. He needed understanding and time to readjust to his life. Instead he got anger and demands.

Over the course of several months we’ve watched Sonny come to terms with the parts of him that being Mike brought out. He’s also come to terms with losing Jason and is moving on from Carly. Today the Dimpled Don showed he hasn’t gone soft. I wonder if Michael will admit what he’s up to or let Dex get sliced up.


we will find out.

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I think Sonny knows full well Dex is Michael’s spy! Michael proved it to him very quickly!


Little Mikey is afraid his spy is about to face a sudden end. His showing up at Sonny’s restaurant was a mistake. Brando and Dante have spotted Dex with Michael and made Sonny aware of it.


Yep he is still Sonny which is good