SO WHAT'S NEXT? "FAKE" Sara going to claim Xander was abusive to her?

Judging by today’s episode (wednesday jan 19th) and what sarah was talking about and how she was talking about xander to maggie, is this where all of this is heading?

xander was mentally and or physically abusive to her and that is why she left, was in secret hiding and was scared to notify anyone and why she never wants to see him again?

I’M SORRY BUT THIS IS JUST PLAIN SICK AND EVIL MEAN to the character and this soap opera! PLAINLY WRONG even for a tv show, a soap opera!..


Oh, my God, are you kidding me? Gwen is awful!!!
For the actress’ sake, I hope Ron isn’t writing her into a corner because he’s taking her down a very irredeemable path. There’s just no way anyone in Salem will ever trust her again.


This ultimate negative outcome in Gwen’s character is inevitable.
What could have been a lovely rebound lovestory between Gwen and Xander or even a re-uniting of Sarah and Xander, has not materialized. Is anyone really surprised at the turn of events?

Remember that the formula for romance at Days is to:

#1- Awaken the viewers interest and hope for a couple.
#2- Throw in a curve ball ( often surprising changes in sexual preference, disastrous non- weddings,etc.)
#3- Make the couple NEVER, EVER viable for all the days of their lives.

There you have it.


That is so true. You nailed it. That’s why I miss my soap of years ago. As a Days fan from the beginning I have often mentioned on this forum that years ago we were totally invested in the characters. We had our couples that we routed for, watched them start up slowly and then move into a more romantic relationship. We looked forward to their eventual wedding, which in most cases was a beautiful affair or crazy like Jack and Jennifer’s was. Then when they would “kill off” a character, we actually mourned for them because it was like they were part of the “family”. But this mess now that they call Days doesn’t resemble the Days of old one single bit. Most of the characters now I couldn’t care less about, there is no couple to actually route for because we all know it won’t last since happiness is against Ron’s abilities. Why bother mourning when one of your favorite characters gets killed off because you know eventually they will come back from the dead, with or without their organs and all in one piece even if they were crushed to death. And don’t get me started on the most ridiculous stories like this whole mask thing. Whatever made these writers think this was even a good idea.


all i want to know is? how did Ron and these writers get their jobs in the first place? who did/ do they know!..

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Good question.

I can remember some far-fetched stories on Days from years ago - Salem Strangler, Jack having conversations with his dead fathers. But I actually enjoyed those shows. I don’t think RC wrote those stories. Also heard (quit watching because Sami drove me nuts) from my friend about Rex’s birth & Melaswen. How many times did Stefano return from the dead? At least Kristen just keeps escaping prison. Different strokes for different folks.


Sooooooo is Abigale gonna be heading to the island. Obviously Gwen is going to have to get rid of her if she’s onto her. I just can’t feel sorry for her anymore

I never did feel sorry for her. Her “poor me” attitude is getting ridiculous. She’s just an evil and nasty person and you can’t keep blaming your childhood for everything you do. She needs to grow up now, start acting like an adult, get a job, get an apartment and stop harrassing people for your own benefit.

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