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So nice to see that adorable Micki

in Brady’s arms and even in Eric’s arm-- instead of that drippy Sarah cooing and baby-talking to an empty stroller! BTW- why is the stroller completely covered with a hood when they’re inside? I guess that’s better than watching an actor talk to a bunch of blankets all wadded up that we’re suppose to think is a real baby

Is it just me or does it sound like they gave Micki the microphone when she’s suppose to be on scene but viewers can’t see her… I just hear breathing, like she is chewing on the mic.

No 1NightOwl— those horrible sounds you hear is that idiotic sound track of someone wheezing and snorty and gasping for air… and we’re suppose to imagine that is a baby??? Give us a freakin break!




Cause of the Corona Virus? Sorry! :sweat_smile: