So if Phyllis and Nikki exposes Diane

What would that accomplish?

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Nothing! Diane is there for Kyle, Harrison and Jack. I highly doubt whatever they dig up is gonna make her go back to LA.


I think whatever proof Nikki comes back from LA, maybe Diane won’t leave Genoa City, but I think it will change Kyle’s impression of her…no matter how scandalous or not, Kyle will feel, it is just more lies from the mother who abandoned him

She keeps saying there is nothing in my past, but she doesn’t talk about her past 15-20 yrs she has been gone, surely she could tell him what she did talk about trying to get new identity, jobs, background checks, etc

so it will impact their relationship

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The only problem that I can predict is everyone will be angry that Diane didn’t tell people in GC that she was probably involved with a mystery person.

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Did anyone notice when Phyllis got the text message from Nikki it said it was from Diane?


in day ahead recap I get, it said…misprint I thought it was funny

I totally noticed that! I had it recorded so backed it up to make sure! OOPS :rofl:

I don’t know what the big deal is, surely they know she had a past since she showed up alive :rofl: lying about the simple life might tick them off I guess. the writing in this storyline is lame.
the only entertaining part for me is watching phyllis and nikki look like they should be committed to fairview all because a dead woman showed up.


I can’t imagine that finding out Diane had a life that involved men for 20 years is important. Frankly I am sick of the Phyllis-Nikki gotcha SL.


Surely Kyle knows whatever she did in the past is just that-- in the past. Unless she murdered someone he will eventually understand and forgive her. These people in GC, including Phyllis and Nikki, crack me up. As if they are not even a shade like Diane.

I mean look at Nick. He got over killing Ashland real quick-- accident or self defense or not. What place to live! :laughing:


I think that even semi minor things, whatever it is that comes out, Kyle will be upset…not due to whatever it was as much as he has asked her many times / all she says is nothing to hide so nothing to say
he will feel she LIED by not telling him and he will be furious with Diane

even if it is great things she did / he will feel if you life was so great how is it you couldn’t contact me you let me believe for ALL these years you were dead

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I think if Diane was involved in something really immoral Kyle would be upset. I think the point is to find evidence that Diane hasn’t changed and is still the horrible person that Nikki/Phyllis/etc think she is, then Kyle will finally agree and Diane will leave in shame. I wouldn’t mind that happening but I’m not sure things will go that smoothly lol.

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It will still be interesting to see what Nikki, Thalia, Deacon, ect. find out.

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I think Diane and this mystery person are going to mess up the whole Chancellor-Winters thing going on - which will really make Diane look bad. Worse than anything Nikki and Phyllis dig up. But they will have laid the groundwork for people to put the pieces together. Right now this whole story is boring - same thing over and over… same catty looks, same dumb Jack, and Kyle doesn’t fall from from the tree.

I’m not so sure that Diane is at all involved with this Chancellor-Winters story. Diane may very well know Tucker very well. They may even have been married in LA but I don’t think she would do anything to mess up the family. I am still hoping that Nikki and her evil family turn out to be the center of Talia’s story, along with some dirt on Phyllis.

I don’t think of Jack as being dumb although he has let me down at times with his behavior. He dragged Theo into the family but then didn’t give him enough moral support. As far as Kyle goes, yes, he is very dumb. He has been dumb since his return to Genoa City from NYC.