Sick and Tired of Katie

What gives Katie the right to tell Henry what he needs or doesn't need? I am so sick of Katie, that the show really needs to get rid of her before they go off the air. Katie is just a useless piece of air time and space. Henry and everyone else needs to tell Katie to get off their backs with this so called match making. Why does Katie have it in for Barbara? Katie needs to get a life. I hate Katie and wish that she would leave the show.

I like Katie. I was watching a few past scenes of her with Nancy and I was reminded of how great the two of them were together. Nancy was the reason why I started liking Katie/Simon.

As far as the match making goes, Henry, Chris, et'al are adults and if they are foolish enough to listen to Katie, then they deserve what they get. She hit the nail on the head with Luke and Dr. Reid.

There are so many s/l's that I don't particular like; however, I'm in 'til the end!

Katie has always been a manipulator, only now she's turned it outward - instead of trying to get something for herself she thinks she's doing good for other people, but it's the same kind of games she's playing. She is really annoying.

i think its pay back when Chris saids shes a man in hers life and he will start fixing hers up with some man shes is going to get a taste of hers own medicine the old billy Lewis :)) is coming out now,

I cannot stand Katie! She is so annoying and such a busy body. She has had so many chances at love and has managed to mess them all up! Who would take advice from this nutjob? She needs to start focusing on her son and helping more with Liberty. Liberty could actually use the wacky distraction and everyone knows that Janet is all over the map right now.

I have to say that the only time I have ever liked Katie was when she was with Brad. That was brief and I am right back to hatin this character. ~)

Katie is what happens when a spoiled brat gets older (notice I didn't say, "grows up"). It's not pretty, is it?

I used to watch ATWT all the time and it sounds ridiculous to say that bc now I’m gonna ask you to help me remember who Katie was??! Lol…I remember so many and yet I’m drawing a blank on this Katie. I remember Barbara Ryan, Lisa, Paul, oh and Dr Dixon, lol. and so many others. Maura (Carly) still looks the same as Ava on GH.
I have wondered what the song is that they played in the helicopter water scene…with …I’m drawing another blank. If you remember what I’m talking about, please let me, us know. I would love to reminisce over this soap. And what about Sierra and omg her younger sister that was on long before Sierra! I can still see her and Dusty! I remember Roger Howarth and several others, why oh Why did they have to discontinue this great show…

Katie, the manipulative little gutter snipe was Margo Hughes and Craig Montgomery’s half sister.
Casey Peretti and Lyla Crawford were her parents.
She was married to two Snyder’s, Jack and Brad.
Henri Coleman was her best friend.

I could not stand this chick. :rofl: :joy: :laughing:

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Great question! I am still angry about it.

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Wow! Margo and Craig! Snyder’s, Carly’s love Jack! Oh and Henry Coleman! Haha…I knew as soon as you said Henry Coleman, who Katie was. Thank you!!
They should have a soap channel where we could watch these soaps all over again. Assuming there’s enough that would like that; And assuming there isn’t one already!

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I would certainly watch!
This has been m wish for a looooong time! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did Lila ever make a cameo to give her youngest child advice? It is sad Casey died when she was a baby. I think he would have given her guidance. If she chose to listen.