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Shows you miss

What shows are no longer on that you miss?
For me it’s Mad Men and Entourage
The character of Roger Sterling on MM was a heel, but he sure made me laugh.
And Ari from Entourage, his one liners were the best

Hello Hardluckwoman7,

CSI comes to mind. I would have loved for it to have stayed around a few more seasons with Grissom returning permanently.

I was also a fan of Psych. Now I’m missing Grimm and Bates Motel, (to name a few) but these are more recent. I’m sure there are more but I cant remember. lol :smiley:

Somehow, unbelievably, I failed to include Sons of Anarchy in this list.
CSI ireally was a great show, I didn’t think of that one either

Melissa and Joey. 10 things I hate about you series. The Lying Game.

I miss Mad Men (Roger Sterling was certainly a character!!), Fringe, Eureka, Psych and Scrubs offhand. :stuck_out_tongue: Psych the movie is coming at Christmas so that’s something to look forward to!!

Really? I didn’t know that about Psych. I hope it’s the original cast. I cant wait to see what Gus will be screaming about this time around…lol Thanks for info Chrissi. :smiley:

Yeah check the guys twitter feed. They talk about it all the time and there are bits on Psych Facebook page, too! It’s supposed to be the original cast!! :slight_smile:

Here’s three that have been on my mind lately: The O.C., Da Vinci’s Demons, and Heroes.

there are a lot of shows here that I never watched. I see a netflix binge to check some of these out in my future!

I miss The Littlest Hobo. There’s a voice keeps on calling me down the road that’s where I’ll always be every stop I make I make a new friend can’t stay for long just turn around and i’m gone again maybe tomorrow i’ll want to settle down until tomorrow the whole world is my home. Love that song. :cry:

Mad Men, the original Law & Order, Justified, True Blood

24 with Keifer Sutherland. Tried, but couldn’t get into the new one.

[size=150]Psych: The Movie - Airing December 7th, on the USA network/channel. Check your local listings for exact times. [/size]

I’ve already set my DVR. :smiley:

Gilmore Girls
Xena: Warrior Princess
Burn Notice
Switched At Birth
7th Heaven
Saved By The Bell
Living Single
The Nanny
Sister Sister
Promise Land

They aren’t in any sort of order; that’s just a handful I miss watching.

Original Law and Order. At least have a 2 hour show as to how jack Mccoy is and the DA office. None of the spin offs have been as good

Get rid of all so called reality shows.

I do miss Saved By The Bell…90210, OutSourced, One on One, The OC, Making The Band, 2gether Series, All That…Punky Brewster.