Should Wyatt have an unknown child?

I am thinking Wyatt needs a kid and not one with babynapper Flo.

I am thinking of a child from a relationship after his high school sweetheart and Hope Logan.

The child could be between 7 and 10 either boy or girl.



A good rewrite would be a tryst with Ivy just after she returned to Australia. Ivy comes back with Wynot, Wyatt’s son.


That is good. I didn’t even think of Ivy. She would be a good one to bring his kid. Is Wynot an Australian name?

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I love that idea.

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I think he should leave the show, he is annoying like his brother and father.

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Beth - from a one night stand with Wyatt when Hope thought Liam was going back to Steffy. That way Liam has absolutely no connection to Hope and Wyatt does - causing major friction between the brothers, Hope and her cousin, especially when Wyatt demands time with his girl :slight_smile:
And, as I’ve said before, I’d also like to see Hope admit she’s gay or Bi when her French lover returns to see her - and it’s Sasha who has Zende’s child in tow, setting up another big soapy mess :smiley:
Oh, and Liam is left alone and in pain and turns into an angry bitter man as he realises he’s lost both woman who used to fawn over him :smiley:


Love it !!!

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Wynot…not a name I know of….lol


Wyatt needs a storyline asap.

The entire Spencer family is made up of suddenly appearing hitherto unknown children. I don’t think I would like to see a third retconned generation.

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No it’s just me trying to be funny. Like Wyatt has an unknown son - why not? LOL


I like the idea of Beth being Wyatt instead Of Liam. That would give us another side of Hope to act on. Because her and Liam are boring together. That could be the writers way of finally ending them. Plus would knock some sense into Thomas and make him get his child back.

Would love to see Brooke excuses for her.

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Who is Wyatt?:grinning::grinning:. The guy was on 2-3 times this year.