Sheila Is Protected by Double Jeopardy and Here's Why

Loved the movie.

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Sheila doesn’t need to be charged with old crimes. She will commit new ones :+1:


And not only did she not bother to return, she fled police pursuit in a stolen vehicle and then staged her own death. I guess there were no witnesses to that police chase? Or maybe grand theft auto and fleeing police is not a crime for convicted felons or she would have had those charges filed against her.


I think everyone Shelia tried to kill should just shot her. That way no one could be charged and convicted. Murder on th Orient Express. I am so tired of her character. I also like stabbing


I want Sheila in prison, not dead. That way she can come back in a few years. Deacon can visit her, and when Hope finds out, she will be very upset. Brooke needs to see Sheila with Deacon, so she can be the one to tell Hope.
Deacon needs to be found out for harboring a fugitive.


Oh wow, well I think Deacon should be given a break. Anyways, it would be very hard to prove he harbored a fugitive since it would have come up by now. Law and order doesn’t apply on the soaps. If it did, most of the B&B families would be visiting a majority of their loved ones in prison. It is a fantasy world and I love it when the “bad” guy/girl gets away with their crime. SHEILA, BE FREE AND WICKED FOREVER!

And do what? She’ll be in her mid-sixties in a couple of years. At some point, it’s going to become increasingly difficult for Sheila to seduce incredibly stupid men into being her personal love slaves, and everyone else is going to realize she isn’t that difficult to overpower.

BTW, before anyone accuses me of being ageist, I’m way closer to Sheila’s age than Steffy’s. I’m being realistic here. How often has a soap had a femme fatale villain who’s in her mid-sixties? It’s time Bell invested in creating some new, viable villains instead of repeatedly going back to the Sheila well every time he wants to mistake chaos for drama yet again. So, yeah, finally kill her off for good, and move on already.


Plus there wasn’t even a prosecutor present!

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she can be tried for assault and attempted murder of Li, kidnapping of Finn, malpractice for treating him in an offsite place.


Even Bill will be broke by the time he is done trying to buy Sheila out of all her many crimes.

A bench trial is in a Courtroom with a stenographer, etc.

You can’t be tried for the same crime twice…did we miss her trial? Also, it will come out that Bill bought the Judge…

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She never had a trial, and she was set free by a corrupt judge, so yes, on that basis alone, she should have to have a new hearing and with Bill and the judge’s ability to fix anything out of the way because they’re facing charges themselves, things might go very differently for Sheila, who thinks, as most sociopaths do, that they’re invincible.

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That’s what I was thinking when Taylor kept saying I’ll confess.

Sheila was already tried and the witnesses flaked out. That’s done.

But she wasn’t tried–the corrupt judge simply let her go because Sinn elected not to testify at a hearing, not a trial. He also came up with that ridiculous claim that Sheila was “kidnapped” from jail based on a written statement by the wholly unreliable Mike Guthrie and a video that suddenly appeared out of nowhere that no one else saw and that the judge said later was supplied by Bill. If they concentrated on outing the judge and Bill as having invalidated the entire hearing with their behavior, they could easily get another hearing, and with Bill and the corrupt judge facing charges of their own, they wouldn’t be able to continue to save Sheila.

Sheila has NOT been tried. That why Sheila became uneasy after Taylor told them that she would confess and put an end to their blackmail and allow Sheila to be put back behind bars. Sheila even mentioned to Bill that, in their planning, they forgot to consider what would happen if Taylor confessed. Bill told Sheila not to worry and that, if Taylor confessed, they would handle that situation when it arrived.

So it’s not actually “done” at all. Maybe that’s part of the reason why Sheila showed up in Taylor’s office with that nonsense of trying to convince Taylor that they needed to be friends because they were alike. Of course, the other part of the reason that Sheila was there in Taylor’s office was to gain entry into the Forrester family through a connection to Taylor.