See Why B&B Has Recast a Key Legacy Character With Exactly the Right Actress

I’m surprised they aged Kelly again. I wonder what the storyline with her will be. I’m guessing it’s why aren’t my mommy and daddy together.


I can’t wait to see an aged Beth. Remember, we all remember, Kelly’s half sister is only six months younger than her.

Douglas should be aged as well to a tween, and Will should return from school a late teen early 20 something. Perhaps they could be Bridget’s son Logan on as a tween to play around with Douglas. The way they did Rick and CJ back in the day.


How old is the young girl? 9/10?

Oh, how I hope not! LOL!


She should rebel against Liam by calling Finn dad in from of Liam


Beth will be a toddler. Can’t have me thinking and want me to forget that she is six months younger than her older sister.

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They won’t ever really show Hope’s child. She doesn’t get as much as Steffy.


In the younger character category we should have Little D who would not be that young as he is older than Hope. Then we have RJ. Then we have Logan (2007), Rosie (2011), Will (2012), Douglas and Lizzie (2016), Kelly (2018), Beth (2019), Hayes (2021).

It would be nice if they decide to soras children that they would keep there order in mind. Do soaps have certain ages that they seem to like to skip or does it have to do with the actors portraying that character?

It seems that Kelly is being very quickly sorased whereas Douglas is staying the same. I am trying to recall seeing Beth to see if she has also been sorased.

I think part of it has to do with legally mandated working conditions for child actors. Plus how many of you get tired of seeing precocious kids who never have a meltdown?

I have noticed BB likes to skip 11-18 for characters. They are usually shipped off to boarding school.
When I mentioned younger characters I forgot about Little D. I think he would be a wonderful addition. I am all for aging children but when it was shown Kelly/Beth were born six months apart, I find it offensive when Bell ages one and not the other. I find it offensive since I believe he is trying to rewrite history of the show and make Lope look better then the reality they conceived Beth while Steffy was still pregnant.

I always thought aging Rosie to be Will’s age would be fun. They could become BFF which would drive Bill nuts since Rosie would be Will’s partner in crime, fun stuff no real crimes, which would drive Bill up the wall.

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Little D is not so little in fact he and Steffy were supposedly born in the same year. Will and Rosie are only a year apart based on there appearance dates. Will and Rosie are both Logan decendants. Rosie is the daughter of Will´s cousin Marcus.

It seems that everyone is related on this show. If they are not blood related then they are step related.

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I agree Little D is not so little anymore. He could in theory compete in the late twenties/early thirties group of men.
On a different note, I used to call him Ed. Since Amber/Rick called him Little Eric and Deacon used to call him Little D, I just thought why not call him Ed.