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Secrets & Lies - Season 2

I really enjoyed season 1. So far, I’m enjoying season 2. It seems a lot of people dislike Detective Cornell (Juliette Lewis). Her demeanor rubs people the wrong way. She isn’t on the scene to be anyone’s friend. She has a job to do and she is hell bent on not letting anyone get in the way of that. I actually like her. Even when she annoys me sometimes.

I’m suspicious of everyone (of course) but the father, John, (Terry O’Quinn) and the so called best friend Neil (Eric Winter) are the two I felt were acting more suspiciously the night Kate died.

I’m sure that’ll change as the season progresses. I’ll figure out who the killer is 5 minutes before the season finale, of course!


Yes, I HATE Detective Cornell. She doesn’t even know the details of the crime and she “knows” who did it and is out for their blood. She is sneaky and mean and not even necessarily to the guilty party. I mean geez, give the man a minute at least to mourn, or pretend to just in case he IS guilty. I do love the show though. I think this season will be as good as last season, which was very good in my opinion.

I also was suspicious of the best friend and maybe even the brother, but we shall see.

But, the detective needs to get a life and a personality (do her lips even turn up in a smile?) and she can STILL do her job well. LOL

Tell me of any detective who schedules every meeting with potential suspects. She shows up (anywhere) to throw people off of their game while she is investigating. She wants the guilty party to be disturbed by her enough to mess up (maybe fess up) and she catches it.

I also wonder if the sister (Amanda) really didn’t know about Kate’s baby.

I’m not saying she should schedule her appointments with potential suspects but, damn give the man a few minutes to mourn, JUST IN CASE he IS innocent…and I agree with you, I think the sister knows more than she is letting on about the dead wife’s past.

Give him a few minutes to mourn just in case he is innocent? Wouldn’t he do that anyway, for the rest of his life if he’s innocent?

pffffffffft I meant when he found her dead… lol.

On Cornell Confidential Detective Cornell interviews a homeless man named Mr. Dorsey at the police station. Mr. Dorsey has a burner phone that was purchased in a batch of 10. Each phone has a serial number and the phone Mr. Dorsey has is linked to Kate.

The last activity on the phone shows Kate sent a photo to someone. Mr. Dorsey says he found the phone in a dumpster along with some dirty broken comb he was combing his hair with. She tells him that she has to take the phone because it is evidence in a murder investigation.

Even though Mr. Dorsey speaks in riddles, he tells Cornell that possession is nine-tenths of the law and then starts to recite “The New Colossus”.

Cornell asks him if he saw who throw away the phone to which he replies “Bravo, Romeo, Delta, 311”. He then places his arm on a clear box (in his cart) filled with Hot Wheel or Matchbox cars. He repeats the “Bravo, Romeo, Delta, 311”.

Cornell writes BRD311 on a pad and asks Mr. Dorsey is this the license plate number he saw on the car of the person who threw away the phone.

Well there’s nothing like a suspect believing he is no longer a suspect. That’s what Amanda told Eric once they found out Detective Cornell asked a judge to extend a restraining order filed on the creepy ex-girlfriend (Tina Sawyer) who allegedly lied about Eric being abusive toward her. I think this is a set-up by Cornell. IF she still thinks he killed Kate, she’s trying to make Eric feel comfortable so he’ll let his guard down and slip up.

And where is this kid Liam (Or whoever he is since his real name isn’t Liam)? Have they showed a clear picture of him at all, besides the grainy video Eric was looking at on the laptop? Eric was able to get a license plate number from that video, but I didn’t pay attention to it. So I don’t know if it matches the license plate number Mr. Dorsey (the homeless guy) told Cornell about.

So scary a** gun wielding Danny isn’t looking for “Liam”, he’s looking for some girl named Carly who was at the office party the night Kate died. Kate sent him (Danny) a photo from the phone the homeless guy found.

We finally see Eric, Amanda & Patrick’s mother. She’s in a coma and John visits with her once a week. She has been in a care facility since a drunken fall many years ago. She looks so much older than I thought she would look and Eric seemed extremely nervous being in her hospital room.

I don’t understand why John told Eric not to go to the police with what he found out about Liam lying about his true identity (possibly Kate’s son) and opening up credit card accounts using the name of several company investors. Eric thinks Liam could have had something to do with Kate’s death which would further his claims of not killing her yet his father tells him not to say anything. That’s really shady of John in my opinion.

So who is Carly and why is Danny looking for her? Is Liam hiding her?
Why did Kate send that photo of Carly at the office party to Danny?
What is Neil’s connection to Danny?
Where is Patrick’s wife Melanie? I don’t think I’ve seen here since the first episode.

Another good episode and still so many questions. :open_mouth:

Tonight’s Cornell Confidential shows Cornell speaking to a woman from the agency Kate used to put her son up for adoption. The woman says she cant help which leads Cornell to remind her that this is a murder investigation. The woman says it doesn’t matter, whoever adopted Kate Warner’s son and where they live is confidential and by law she cannot reveal that information.

Cornell changes her tactics and asks “how is a birth mother searching for her child typically received?”

The woman says the situation can quickly turn volatile. The adoptive parents can get possessive and territorial.

Cornell says she understands. Adoptive parents put in the time to care, love and raise the child. A birth parent (who gave up their rights) swooping in can be perceived as a threat.

The woman likens this to a custody battle, but with a grenade.

The woman asks if she can help Cornell with anything else. Cornell knows the woman can not answer her questions directly so she offer a hypothesis. And if she’s wrong, the woman can just say no.

The woman assures the detective that she doesn’t want to steer her in the wrong direction.

“The parents who adopted Kate Warner’s son, had a problem with her reaching out for him-” Cornell says.

The woman, looking a bit uncomfortable, hesitantly says “Not the adoptive father.”

Cornell, a few seconds later, thanks the woman for her time and the woman leaves.

I was wondering how dumb can Eric be to go anywhere near Liam?
He searches for him on his own (which invites all sorts of trouble),
He comes across Danny (again) as he interrogates some girl,
He’s driving Danny to a concert to look for Liam.
Liam gets arrested (how did Cornell know where he was?) then Danny talks Eric into posting bail for him.
All of that and he didn’t even know Danny’s name!

I’m glad they found Liam or whoever he is. I’m not sure of him being hired is really as simple as Kate just wanting to give someone a chance (because he was from her home town) but she did say she used to get into trouble and was able to change her life around.

Eric asked Liam if he was Kate’s son. Eric pointed out that Liam’s long pause meant he was thinking about which way to answer and how it would benefit him. Eventually, Liam said he was not Kates son and he didn’t even know she had one. Eric tells him he bought him a bus ticket and Liam thanks him. Then Eric makes a call, and says he found Liam and believes he’s a flight risk since he also found him with a bus ticket. They (I assume the police) should come pick him up.

Patrick’s wife Melanie finally makes an appearance and it was only to show us that she and Patrick were about to have a little marital fun.

In a flashback we see Patrick drunk at the office party. After Kate tells the bartender to cut him off, Patrick gets mad and tells her she’d better watch herself, she could get hurt. So sweet mannered Patrick has a dark side after all.

I’ve been suspicious of Neil from the beginning and tonight we find out that Kate was too after finding a suspicious bank statement. Neil is celebrating at a bar by himself after he closes a deal and Eric invites him back to his apartment to hear all about it. Unbeknownst to him, Eric also invites Danny to join them. After some aggressive persuasion from Danny, Neil admits he was with Carly and that she is a call girl he’s been with a few times. She and Rachael came to the party together but Carly was there for Neil only.

There’s a knock at Eric’s door and it’s Cornell. Danny opens the door and greets her as “Detective” and she responds with “Detective” as she walk past him.

So, Danny is a detective??? Wow! I thought he may have been a P.I.
Is Rachael really Danny’s daughter? Is she a call girl too?

It turns out Cornell is the one who gave the Prosecutor the evidence to clear Ben Crawford (Season 1) of murdering his son Tom Murphy. Obviously, this evidence arrived too late as Tom was murdered in prison. So, although she got the evidence to clear him, did they actually arrest the real killer? Tom’s youngest daughter Abby?

Major Bryant reminds Cornell that the prosecutors thinks she made a fool of them and her colleagues don’t like her because she is responsible for Detective Dale(?) being killed. I don’t know who Dale is. If anyone else does, please remind me.

Any thoughts on why Amanda and her husband separated? Does anybody think Patrick had anything to do with Kate’s death? Is Liam lying about being Kate’s son?

Yes, he was. I used to watch him in a short lived show on USA called Common Law also. I really like him.

I think there is more to Kate hiring Liam than what he said also, but who knows YET anyway.

I have been kind of suspicious of Patrick for awhile, not that that means anything. Also, when he made those comments at the party to Kate, he said “You are just a guest in this family”. So, that has some meaning also…but what? Unless he knew she wasn’t going to be around much longer? Or she was there for a purpose and then they would make sure Eric knew whatever? about her so he would dump her? NO clue here…But, the way Kate was attempting to control Patrick’s drinking (even though it was Eric’s party) was more like a wife than a sister-in-law, I felt like they knew each other better than they should have.

I don’t think Liam is Kate’s son, I think it would have been to his benefit for him to BE her son. Of course it could have been proven that he wasn’t in a little while if he was lying. But, temporarily, he could have benefited.

As far as Amanda and her husband, I have no idea, although since she is so close to Eric and they “have each other’s back”, but those are the ones you usually have to watch out for, so you never know, she may be the bad guy/gal.

Cornell Confidential:

Cornell has called in Amanda’s husband Greg for questioning. He immediately asks her if he needs an attorney present. She says it’s up to him and she is sure his wife could recommend one for him. He says “forget it, I’m good” and asks if they can get started already because he is on-call. Cornell says he’s on-call a lot and Greg assumes her family can say the same about her.

Cornell points out that Greg wasn’t at the SEG building the night Kate died and he wasn’t at work either. Greg never said he was at work that night but his wife told Cornell he was. Greg grabs Cornell’s pen and pad and starts to write down the contact information of the person he was with that night.

Amanda called Greg an hour after Kate had been killed and told him what had happened. She wanted him to come and be with the family but Greg thought it would be inappropriate. Cornell is puzzled by this.

“Why wouldn’t it be appropriate to comfort your wife?” she asks.

He says that as far as he was concerned, she wasn’t his wife anymore.

Greg had served her divorce papers earlier that night. Cornell wonders why he did before a party and he asks “when is the right time?”

Cornell was told that he and Amanda wanted to start a family. Greg says “things change”.

Cornell Confidential

Cornell has now called in Mrs. Stone (Eric’s assistant). Cornell praises her loyalty & dedication after confirming she’s worked at the company for 26 years. To be more precise, Mrs. Stone adds that it’s been 26 years and 3 months.

Cornell imagines that working for a managing director has its difficulties. Stone says that Eric’s schedule is complicated and full but he handles it with calm and patience. Cornell informs her she is not asking about Eric.

Cornell wants to know about John Warner (Eric’s father) and his travels. Stone asserts that John’s business requires that he travel a great deal.

Cornell checks her note pad and says she heard that Mr. Warner was in Atlanta on his last business trip. Mrs. Stone wonders what does that have to do with Kate’s murder.

Cornell finds it interesting when someone claims to be in one place when they are actually in another place. Mrs. Stone says that John sometimes makes his own travel arrangements. Cornell inquires if she ever submits his business expenses, sees his receipts or receives calls from the road. Stone tells Cornell that if she wants to know anything about her boss, ask him herself. Cornell says she did.

Mrs. Stone defends John by saying he is a good man and people want to work with him. She says everyone at the firm is a straight shooter. Almost everyone.

Cornell picks up that she’s referring to Neil Oliver. Stone feels that he’s an opportunist. She informs Cornell that a couple of months ago, she heard him having an argument with Kate. Cornell asks what was it about. Stone says she thinks Kate caught Neil having sex with someone in his office.

“Do you know who?” asks Cornell.

“Well, the woman was married and her (Kate’s) in-law. Who do you think it was?” She asks Cornell.

After watching the latest Cornell Confidential, I wonder if the “in-law” is Amanda. Would she sleep with Neil and put her brother’s friendship, her marriage and the company at risk for a scandal?

The other in-law is Melanie. In a flashback, Patrick was upset about something when Kate had the bartender stop serving him drinks. Maybe it was about Neil and his wife.

Eric and Patrick take a road trip to the house that Kate paid the mortgage off on. It turns out it’s Kate’s not-so-dead mother’s house. It looks like she is packing boxes to leave when Eric shows up. They go back and forth about Kate Martin (as her mom calls her). She drops one hell of a bombshell by revealing that not only did Kate have an affair with her boyfriend Jake, he’s the father of the baby she gave away too.

Eric then tells her that Kate is dead and “mommy” has no reaction to this sad bit of news. Interesting.

Side Note: Kate’s son is named Charlie.

Apparently, Carly (a business woman of pleasure) cashed in her get-out-of-jail-free card by invested in some blue-stock. (I’m being a bit cheeky here but you know what I mean.)

[i]Does anyone think Danny may have killed his partner and set up that whole suicide scene?

Will Cornell defy her superiors and arrest Danny?

Did anyone catch the name of Kate’s mother?[/i]

Eric pointed out to Patrick that he was too young to remember how things were between his parents. I still get the feeling that their bitter drunken bully of a mother (as Eric puts it) didn’t accidentally take a fall from the top of the stairs.

That list of potential killers of Kate is getting longer. Was there any speculation of Kate having committed suicide?

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is Amanda. I think most people who have affairs don’t think they will be caught so they don’t worry about about the consequences.

As for Patrick, I think he is upset pretty much anytime he can’t drink, but that is just my opinion. lol

Some “mother” Kate had too. Even tells Eric, that Kate took away the “only thing she ever really loved”. Well, that has to make a child feel really GREAT! And, I don’t care if the age of consent is 16 or not there, if I was the mother and I caught/found out/whatever that my grown boyfriend was screwing around with my 16 year old daughter, he would be dead or wishing he was. and NOT because I was jealous of HER. I swear man. What a piece of work she is.

So why does Jake care if Kate tells Charlie that he is the dad, if she were to even get the chance? What’s the big deal?

I don’t think Danny set up his partner, he even said it looked like a set up. I don’t think he would have said that if he had done it.

I have thought all along that there was more to Eric’s mom’s accident than JUST an accident. But, we will see.

I THINK if I remember correctly that they determined in the first episode that when they were throwing the dummy off and Eric was there seeing that, that she had to have been pushed or thrown off, by where she landed, it couldn’t have been a fall or jump, I THINK.

I wonder how long Jake and Kate had been sleeping around. Getting caught when Kate was 16 doesn’t mean they hadn’t done anything before then. I guess I missed that part about Jake being the only thing Mommy loved. Also, when Eric said Kate was the one who paid off the mortgage, was Kate’s mom really that surprised? Who did she think paid it off? Did you catch that?

How much time is it between the death of Danny’s partner and Rachael going missing?

Yes, Mom said that Kate took the “only thing she ever loved”, damn hurt me too! As far as the mortgage, Kate’s mom didn’t look that surprised because she thought they had foreclosed on the loan, she said she thought that was why Eric and his brother were there to tell here that it had been done and she hadn’t heard from the bank in awhile so that she had just assumed it was done.

Jake made it sound like he and Kate didn’t start sleeping together until Kate was 16, he made a point of saying that was the age of consent there. But, of course who knows for sure.

I have no idea how long it was between the time Rachael went missing and Danny’s partner’s suicide. I understood that she wasn’t the only girl he molested though…?? Also, I THOUGHT that she was quite a bit younger when he was molesting her or at least started, then she became promiscuous. But, that was just my understanding.

Cornell Confidential

A female cop is walking a man in cuffs through the police station along with some girls (some appear to be underage). She asks the man if he has I.D. and he ignores the questions and tells the girls to keep their “money maker’’ shut and that they will be out of there within an hour.

“Misdemeanor, solicitation with no physical contact. They’re legal.” The cocky man rattles off in the police officer’s face.
She pinpoints that two of the girls are underage (after she checks their teeth and will have a dentist confirm it) and informs the man that he is looking at two felonies.

After the man and the underage girls leave the room, another officer hands the female cop a folder that has pictures of Patrick Warner in his car and on a cell phone. Apparently, Patrick was caught with a prostitute (they didn’t indicate when this happened) but the cop had already seen the file.

The male officer tells her that Patrick is a suspect in the murder of Kate Warner. The female vice cop doesn’t want to contact Cornell about a possible connection to her case just yet. She wants to make her case before she helps Cornell make hers.

Side-note: The vice cop mentions Ralston.