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Scream Queens Season 2

I love this show. It is so stupid, that it is hilarious. I really like having John Stamos on the show this year with the whole insane premise that he is a surgeon with a transplanted hand of a serial killer…OMG lol. This show is just so insane, funny. It has great actors/stars and always has big guest stars also. It is truly a funny, funny, stupid show that I just can’t stop watching, nor will I. :laughing: :imp: :laughing:

I love this show too, for the same reasons! (Teaser coming if you’re not up to the Halloween episode) But I’m sad to see Chad go. He was such a character!

Yes, I am going to miss Chad too, God only knows WHY though lol. I’m ready for it to get started up though, it seems like it’s been forever with the World Series and Election and blah blah blah. One more week and we can watch again.