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Ridge thinks Carter can turn his feelings off for Quinn just like that?

Is he an idiot?


Now he knows how his mother felt


Answer: yes.

Ridge thinks that it was just sex for Carter. Ridge does not realize that Quinn and Carter made a real connection. Ridge is expecting Carter to see Quinn the way that the Forrester´s view her.

The Forrester´s keep talking about the number of times that Eric has had to forgive Quinn. Ridge seems to completely forget that one of those times that Eric needed to forgive her involve him. Eric forces people that Quinn does not want in her home but Eric never has to forgive her for not wanting the people that he invites into his home that are after him. Eric was busy laping up all the attention that Katie was dooling out when he knew that Quinn did not approve of Katie just stopping by whenever she wanted. Then Eric invites Shelia to stay with them and have Quinn waiting on her when she is supposedly injured at his house. He was trying to force her to host Pam and Charlie´s wedding. Then he allows Brooke to walk into his house and tell him that he should divorce his wife.

Then Eric has the audacity to tell her he forgives her for feeling the way that she does. Yes Eric figured that the fact that he didn´t immediately tell Quinn to leave when Brooke told him to should have been enough for her to see that he was committed to her. Eric made Quinn apologize to Brooke for slapping her but did not make Brooke apologize to Shauna for slapping her. Eric never saw Brooke as interfering in his realtionship.


I would say that Brooke Logan destroyed that marriage. Eric always took Brooke’s side. I say let Old Man Father Time sit in loneliness. Brooke needs to be married to both Forrester men. Sick, but very true.


I agree with all your comments about how selfish Eric is. You pointed out a list of poor judgements on his part. I was always really annoyed when Eric would let Brook , ick :grimacing:, sit in his living room, & trash Quinn right in front of Quinn ? M not surprised Thorsten Kaye is leaving . They have turned his once hunky character into a door mat for Brooke . His scenes became just nodding in agreement to Brook at Quinn’s expense …to nodding in agreement in his own office, as Brooke would trash Thomas for the 900th time.TK USED to play such a wonderful well rounded character on OLTL, so we know he can act. It is very obvious there has been a decline in the writing for these wonderful actors ! :roll_eyes::unamused::pensive:


TK (Ridge) is just taking a few months off work to spend time and travel with his family.

Hoping he takes Brooke, Liam Hope and paris with him….