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Ridge knows

Ridge knows Carter is still seeing Quinn.
The way Ridge keeps looking at Carter, and tells Eric to leave Carter alone.
Ridge knows because he was Carter regarding Quinn.
But Ridge doesn’t know, that unlike himself, Carter isn’t willing to walk away from Quinn.


I agree, he knows.


Ridge is jealous. He had the chance to sample Quinn’s charms, but he baulked at the last minute. Now Carter is getting the what he wanted. He’s green with envy while he’s trying to convince himself that he’s happy with Brooke.

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Ridge was not the one that baulked at the last minute. Ridge would have willingly slept with his father´s wife once again but Quinn was the one that called a halt because she wanted to stay married to Eric.

Eric knew that Ridge was the one that was pursuing his wife but he had managed to forgive Ridge but he has kept in his mind that Quinn did give in to Ridge even if she did call a halt before giving into Ridge.

In any case, I think Ridge is jealous that Carter is getting a taste of sensual Quinn when he didn’t. :sweat_smile:

I do think that you may be right that Ridge is jealous of Carter. Carter´s love life has suddenly picked up while Ridge is stuck with Brooke. Ridge knows that unless he praises Brooke at every turn then he won ´t be getting any love in the evening.