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Remind me of the events

I remember Luke going to Florida to look for Bobbie’s daughter. I think he suspected that it was Carly. Ruby and Luke did not want Bobbie to find her daughter. He talked with Carly’s adoptive mother. This is where I am fuzzy. I thought he found Virginia in a trailer, and she had been drinking. She certainly did not look like someone who worked at a bank. I also thought that Carly said she had grown up in a trailer. I might be wrong about that. I think Carly was ashamed of Virginia.

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This is all a rewrite …


Thank you for reminding me. I thought I had lost my little mind.


Do we know how Luke found Carly??

Carly was in Port Charles. It seems that Luke thought she was Bobbie’s daughter. As I have said, I am fuzzy on all the details.

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Luke went down to Florida, at Bobbie’s request, and saw Virginia. Virginia showed him a yearbook and that’s when Luke discovered that Caroline was Carly.

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