Ready to stop watching for good...spoilers

I am so frustrated with Days right now.
I’ve been a fan since the beginning of Bo and Hope. Melissa and Pete. Jack and Jennifer…over the last 30 odd years I’ve cheered for my favorite couples, rooted for them, laughed at the zaniness, and cried at the sad times…

But I am close to closing the book on Days for good. Most of the conflict between couples now is self inflicted- primarily couples cheating on each other. Days just isn’t and wasn’t fun to watch anymore…until Xander and Sarah.

They made it fun again. Once they escaped the baby switch storyline, they were a 2021 version of Kim and Shane or Steve and Kayla and you knew you were watching the beginning of something worth rooting for and watching.

Then the idiots writing Days blew it with an unbelievable and unnecessary plot device involving a stupid mask and Kristen magically being able to imitate Sarah and broke them up…It was a stupid way to end a magical couple.

But she was on an island right? They couldn’t leave her there forever? So I waited. And then the announcement a few weeks ago that Lindsey Godfrey was coming back…

And I’m so excited I’m almost ready to forgive Days for once again ruining Lucas’ love life and then it happens…

…My heart is broken again as it looks like Sarah isn’t back and that they are going back to the stupid mask and Sarah is staying on the island…

Stupid Days. Stupid Writers. I think I’m going to walk away for good…life is too short to be jerked around and treated like the brainless viewers the writers clearly think we are…

All I can do is hope that the spoilers are incomplete and that Abby and Xander will find the real Sarah


I could have written your comments myself since they’re all the same things I’m thinking. I too have watched for over 50 years. This sure isn’t the show I loved with family connections, couples you could rout for and felt invested in. There was a build up of romance, along with adventure and fun. It wasn’t all a bed of roses certainly but it sure wasn’t the constant doom and gloom like it is now. There isn’t one single couple I can rout for now and I agree with you about Xander and Sarah, I really got to love them together and I wasn’t a Xander fan when he first came on but he grew on me.
I still have it programmed on my DVR but I end up fast forwarding through the majority of the show. Every time Marlena came on as the devil I hit the ff button. Now when Johnny comes on I do the same thing. That story was terrible the first time around, I can’t understand why they would think it would be good to have it on again. And don’t even get me started on that ridiculous mask storyline where Kristen seems to have a mask for every citizen of Salem. And those masks are just miraculous since they can not only change your face and voice but they can also change your whole body shape. This nonsense now where we’re back to the Sarah mask is almost laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic. Sarah is a petite little thing and both Ava and Gwen are twice her size, not no one would notice that Sarah suddenly grew 10 inches. If Ron C loves these kind of stories so much then he should resign and go work for the sci fi network. And I’m convinced he must lead a miserable life since he doesn’t write any kind of happiness at all, or at least not for more than a nanosecond. So as I said, I still have the show on my DVR but I am so close to deleting it if things keep up the way they are.


I’m having a hard time with the show too. I have taken break before, I’m thinking it’s time for another break.Right now I’m barely watching. Nothing is working that the moment. And the campy writing is so bad it’s almost as bad as the campy crap that aired from 1994-2002.


It is really quite simple “Give the customer what they want”. That’s how you make a happy customer, but NOOOOOOOOOOO. These writers have to be the dumbest people on the planet. It happens over and over again.

Between the masks and the devil. The show has gotten so bad. A real shame.


It’s a terrible, juvenile show.

Surely, it will not be renewed again. But who knows. It apparently has an audience.


I can only watch once in awhile now.


There are about a dozen Days Facebook pages that I browse and the overwhelming comments are about how bad the show is and how people have stopped watching. You would think TPTB would look into this and see fans reactions. But truthfully I don’t think they care. The only time they’ll care is when the show gets cancelled and they’re out of a job.


You read my my completely! I have been watching Days since I was in the 4th grade; Kristian Alfonso and I are almost the same age. All the characters that you mentioned made this soap opera great at one time. I miss all of them. Luckily, we still have Steve, Kayla, Maggie, Julie, Marlena and Doug. Although I think Marlena gets a little too much air time. I don’t care for Josh Taylor’s version of Roman. He will always be Chris Kositchek.

And YES, Xander is a driving force and never boring. As far as the Sarah “mask” storyline, they should have just written the character out in a better way. So now we have Sarah playing Ava playing Sarah in a Sarah “mask”. And I’m only guessing that Lindsey will be on for a very short time.

I won’t get started on Hope and the fact that she normally would and should be present in Salem. Yet, the best this writing team can come up with is that her plane broke down or she missed her flight.

They should have brought back (even as recasts) Melissa and Pete. Shane and Kim should have also been written back in years ago.

Thank you for sharing and happy 2022!


might as well go all the way in the ridiculousness and implausibility (even for a soap opera this is off the charts) and go into “PASSIONS” soap territory!..

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I’m a “Lifer”- been watching Days since its inception in 1965.

At this point, my rationale for continuing to watch this soap is two-fold.
I hope that somehow the writing team can be changed, as in life, nothing is forever.

Secondly and most importantly, I want to honor the actors. Just think of how mortified they must be to have to deliver these inept scripts, day after day- with a straight face no less! They deserve awards for perseverance in addition to hazard pay for working so closely with others during these days of Covid.

So, I’ve decided to soldier on, watch when it is palatable to do so, and hope that there are brighter days for Days.


I “watch” just to see how stupid it gets. Mostly I fast-forward.


Actually I don’t think the actors care as much about the storylines as much as screen air time. For example the guy that plays Johnny, he is thinking look at all this air time I am getting. It’s probably a juicy storyline for him. Same goes for Marlena, Ava, Ben, John, etc. For Deidre Hall, she was as Greg Vaughn put it a ‘glorified extra’ before the devil storyline came. She becomes the devil and once again she is the center of attention. I just wish that Deidre could get a front and center storyline without it being something a ridiculous as the devil. When ever an actor complains it is usually only because of lack of storylines and screen time.

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I beg to differ on the motivations of actors.
I don’t believe that these skilled artists are pleased to churn out ridiculous scenes, just for the sake of being seen. So you think that they’d revel in the opportunity to don a red nose, fright wig and play Bozo the Clown daily, so that at least they got lots of airtime? I think not.

Countless actors reflect on how they had turned down certain roles due to perceiving the vehicle as being inappropriate for them. There is an economic consideration though, that may trump their artistic sensibilities; food needs to be on the table, mortgages need to be paid.

I do agree with you however, that it would be preferable to see Deidre Hall in a better story than this Devil 2.0.


Don’t see how it could be anything but embarrassing to be a Days actor today.


I do agree with you, but some of the comments made by the actors lead me to believe that. Deidre Hall for example did not sound all that upset to be the devil again. I am sure the Johnny actor really doesn’t care. Steven Nichols said when he was brought back he wasn’t even told what his story would be when he came back (he played Stefano not Steve) …they just do what they are told. But every time some leaves they leave because they are not getting enough screen time. I have never heard a Days actor quit because they didn’t like their story.

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Yes. It’s a combination of both factors- wanting worthwhile scripts AND getting adequate airtime.

Greg Vaughan, ( Eric) did complain that he was misled about the substance of a story that he was promised, in addition to getting airtime as though he were a glorified extra.

Stephen Nichols, (Steve) back in 1990, was getting loads of airtime as part of the Stayla supercouple. However, he had creative differences with the writers and chose to leave.
He felt the same way on General Hospital, when his character’s direction was inexplicably changed.

IMO, both Steve and Mary Beth have EVERY reason to complain about story content and lack of airtime. Where are their children, Stephanie and Joey who represent the Johnson family? However, we see that the actors have gone along with the program and are getting a little more air time with this recent “adventure.”

I guess an actor’s got to do what he’s got to do!


I have been watching from the beginning
when the Houghton’s reigned. Shocking things happened.Doug married Julie’s motherAbby. Bill in despair raped Laura which eventuated in Jennifer. However there was love, unrequited love, morality plus the dark side of humanity. It was a drama and yes we bonded with the characters.

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I don’t agree with this assessment. This isn’t a produce stand. This is a TV show on a broadcast network.

The writer tells a story, the actors act that story, and a production crew produces the show for distribution on a broadcast network.

Remember, when it comes to network television, you, the viewer, are not the customer. You’re the product. You spend no money to watch the TV show.

The customer is the advertiser who pays for ad time between the show’s segments.

TV shows on broadcast networks wouldn’t exist without ads and they are not the attraction for customers (advertisers): you, the viewer, are the attraction.

That’s why I know my place. I’m the viewer, the product, and I can like what Ron is writing or not. But I’ve paid for nothing, so I have no tangible reason to complain about anything.

(Although, I’m human, so I certainly may disagree with a story’s direction. We all will.)

But I know my place.

I don’t agree that actors should complain about their work. It’s like any other job, where it helps to be a team player and not rock the boat or make waves. Because we all will disagree on different issues. That doesn’t make us right. That’s also why there’s a hierarchy: an executive producer, a director, a head writer…they’re all over the actors on that hierarchy. The actor is (respected) “hired gun” to execute the material. I love how Whoopi once said the very same thing (same words) regarding her role as co-host on “The View.”

I recently watched a great interview with actress Margaret Colin and she said it was her job to interpret and act the material. Sometimes, she had to elevate the material with her acting…but that’s the job.

The thing is, if you’re an actor, you act. You’re qualified to act. You’re not qualified to write unless you’re the show’s head writer. Even if you’re a writer and an actor, you have to stay in your lane because that’s how teamwork happens.

TV shows just don’t have the time to hear all these complaints from actors about their story’s direction or lack of airtime.

It’s inefficient.

For the record: Deidre loved, loved, loved being the Devil again. She said it numerous times in interviews. Any concerns she had, Ron allayed them.

Regarding Carson Boatman, he actually did care, at first, that playing the Devil could invite negative energy into his home. However, he understood that the role would be a challenge, and after that, his only misgiving was filling HUGE shoes because he knew Dee, technically, played the role twice. He was very respectful and recognized her prestige and stellar performance in both possession stories. That was the only part that made him hesitate.