Quinn/Eric scene--surprising and great!

I LOVED how Quinn and Eric’s scene played out today! I didn’t see things ending this way at all! Instead of having Quinn turn into an alley cat and attack Donna, we saw a fantastic, emotional scene between her and Eric and they admitted the downfall of their relationship and she finally embraced her feelings for Carter. Can’t wait to see her show up at the wedding–surely she’ll get there before they exchange vows! Idiot Paris should have listened to her totally annoying but right mother!


I couldn’t agree more! I thought I was the only one that loved it lol. It was so unexpected and I think the acting was remarkable. I wouldn’t mind seeing them stay good friends.


Quinn should have said, “You’re not playing pickle ball, you’re playing tickle ball.” Or she could have said hardball. :joy:


Haha that would have been great!


The problem I have is Eric was going to tell Quinn that evening AFTER Carter married Paris.

I believe he added all the “fluff” of realizing she loved Carter the afternoon they talked about Carter marrying Paris.

Why didn’t he say all this “fluff” when they were talking a few days ago and Quinn could have stopped him from proposing in the first place. But no Eric left in the middle of the conversation.

I believe Eric was going to tell Quinn that evening after Carter married Paris. Eric intended to have Quinn be alone. The only reason he came clean was Bridget caught him as well.


This is how grown ups should behave!


Yes, but Quinn didn’t get to do what Quinn does best! Unless she doesn’t make it to the wedding in time and then turns her fury on Donna. I’m down for it!

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I had read that Eric said Donna was his end game. He loves Donna and she him as for telling Quinn he didn’t know Carter was marrying so fast. Love how this writer’s did this. Can’t wait to see the next chapter.


That is a very good point. This conversation should have happened when he had his revelation.