Question about the Sharon/Victor marriage

Was it a marriage in name only or did they actually have sex?

Depends on who you ask, but here’s a little feedback (via wikipedia) where you can draw your own conclusions. Just note, this little tidbit will probably be disputed because some thinks…"wiki is not a reliable source. :unamused:

January 2012 Victor marries Sharon so that she can protect his assets while he is in jail; the non-romantic marriage is annulled days later. Several months later, they become romantically involved. Braeden (Victor) was unhappy with the story line, stating: “We all have gone through periods of playing something we didn’t really like to play so much, but you do it.” Case (Sharon) described the relationship as incestuous: “Sometimes controversial story lines can work because you’re bringing attention to a controversial issue that the nation is trying to decide on. But this was not one of those things”, calling it “upsetting to the audience”. The actress was also unfavorable of Sharon marrying Victor in August 2012, believing the writers could have handled the story line other ways.

I think a lot of it was implied. Since it is never addressed on the show because of the intense backlash I am going to say it never happened. The head writer at the time was fired for it I believe.

If it never happened, why would SC call it incestuous and upsetting to the audience…why would EB be so unhappy with the storyline? Imo, it happened…the scene led up to it. Sharon taking Victor’s hand, leading him upstairs after making out on the sofa and the next morning he presents her with a gift. They knew showing the actual scene would be disgusting.

I did say it was implied. I also believe tptb wants us to believe that scene, let alone their marriage, never happended. Sharon burning down the main house, which was also controversial at the time has been addressed, but Sharon/victor marriage is never talked about.

Sharon has talked about her marriage to Victor with Chelsea and Sage when the three ladies worked together. So it has been discussed. Besides, when does Victor marry a woman and not sleep with them…he has slept with all of his wives, Sharon included. When has Sharon not slept with a man she was involved with? The tptb can forget about trying to say it never happened…I believe SC and EB and neither were too happy with the s/l.

There was a lot of speculation about whether or not they did the deed- but I don’t recall anything concrete one way or the other–

They did it. They were kissing and then Sharon took Victor by the hand and led him to the bedroom upstairs. Victor was not seen in bed for a while. I had no doubts there was sex especially the morning after when the other pillow next to Sharon had a diamond necklace on it. Victor and that much younger doctor had a similar scene. She locked the hospital room door stood in front of Victor in the hospital bed then started unbuttoning her blouse. I doubt she did that merely because she felt warm.

They had implied sex with a trinket after on her pillow. That was not for playing cards. :laughing:

Name only.

What about their oops child, I heard casting is looking for the perfect toddler to surprise their parents.
I made that up, but it would be gross and interesting. :mrgreen:

Sharon Case said it was LIKE an incestuous relationship".

Not that it WAS a incestuous relationship.

Because Victor was always like a father figure to Sharon since she was a young teenager and was a father in law to her when she was married to Nick and than Adam.

That is the reason why the actors were upset.

EB in his book cleared this up in his book that there wasn’t any sex between his character and Sharon Cases character.

It was obvious that Sharon did not like the storyline, with good reason. People hold that marriage against not only the character but the star herself when it was something neither could control. Nick, having gotten sole custody of Faith when Sharon was (unjustly) sentenced to 30+ years in prison was not letting Sharon see Faith at all even after the court turned her loose. Victor promised he could fix that and did. Most people assume they slept together at least once but I did not see it happen & would prefer not to even think about it, ever.

We didn’t see them in bed, but it was implied and that’s enough for me.

Anyone remember when they were trying to pair up Victor and Cricket? I felt the same way about that as I do about Sharon and Victor.

We didn’t see Victor and Genevieve in bed either, but it was also implied…so yeah, enough for me too.

Name only.

Riiiiight. Sharon led him up the stairs just to tuck him in after having made out on the sofa.

They never slept together. I read the EB interview and if I can find it I will post the url but in the interview he states they did not sleep together.

If that’s true then they sure did a good job of implying it. Some of us believe they had sex, some don’t. Debating it won’t change anyone’s opinion.