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These 2 are saving bb

But their dialog is being repetitive basically the same thing over and over

Sinn was off to a good start until the paris garbage
Instwad of paris it should be thomas in the spare room

Steffy and ridge judging quin afrer 1 needed to 2 dna test on her kids and the other had to offer up to dna samples to figure out his smh like father like daughter i guess

Paris smh shes gonna svu finn with her eyes just now
Watch and see

I just dont like zende


Agreed, and I think Finn’s parents will breathe a lot of life into the show as well.


They really are.

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Not impressed with the constant repetitive lines from Carter and Quinn. Not impressed with them as a couple at all.


Me either! And I think it stems all the way back when Finn didn’t knock Liam on his arse for boinking his girl.

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lets all hope hands and say a pray and hope hes protect from a logan sheets hahah

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OMG! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE QUARTER! They are so refreshing and so needed for this boring show. I do agree the repetitive storyline, or dialogue, has gotten old but the two of them together is hot! Steffy has lost her mind and invited a single woman into her home with her man. Ridge has amnesia and has forgotten that Brooke will sleep with anyone and then shed a tear and he will forgive her. Even Steffy, I guess this is part of her dumbing down, is sitting up there passing judgment on Quinn when she has proven she’s far from a saint. As for Eric! Who cares? He’s just getting a healthy dose of karma.


I like Quinn and Carter as a couple, but it’s time for them to get off the couch, get out from under those ugly afghan blankets and let it be known they are a couple. If it costs Carter his job, well so be it. Quite frankly, I think it’s dumb Carter agreed to Eric’s demands when he had no intention of actually complying with the demands.

Carter is representing Eric, yet he put Ridge on speaker so Quinn could overhear the conversation regarding divorce stuff. OY :woman_facepalming:t4:


I’m with you. I’m tired of the constant repetition of basically the same thing. The dialogue between the two seem amateurish to me. I’m also tired of seeing them on that dang couch. It’s not romantic any longer. JMHO

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Yes! Amateurish and foolish!

Yeah Me too…I want to see them after Carter gets the divorce out of the way…and he resigns…

Then Carter and Quinn go out on the town and celebrate her freedom and show the funky town She don’t Care, She is Happy now… Not miserable like the rest of the hypocrites… everyone just about on the show is a hypocrite… they tend to forget they cheated… and lied and did really bad things… but oh my gosh let Quinn get caught and she is the Devil… They all make me sick… I only watch because I like Quinn and Carter… Im tired of the rest… I want see what Justin is going to do… and Thomas… he needs more to do… I like him… I wish he would push Brook off the cliff… I cant stand her…


I can’t stand Brooke Logan either. Brad Bell always lets her win. Always…and it ruins his BB. I bet Quinn never conceived a child with her daughter’s husband. Brooke has always had double standards and is very hard on others. Brooke needs to be married to both Ridge and Old Man Father Time. Sick, but true. Eric and Quinn’s marriage never had a chance because Old Man Father Time always put Brooke first, and Brooke knew it. Brooke controlled Eric and Quinn’s marriage from Day 1.


PS. I love Carter and Quinn. It’s the very best thing that BB has going for it right now…because I think Bell is going to ruin Steffy and Finn with the annoying, pushy Paris.


I can see if Paris and Finn get “together”, I see steffy running back to Liam and Hope going to Thomas for “support”. This is just my theory to come at me​:joy::joy: