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Put A Shirt On, You Filthy Disgusting PIG! (Jake)

I’m watching all the episodes from last week and can’t believe how gross the scenes in the Hernandez household are.
Jake’s eating cereal and walking around SHIRTLESS in a kitchen, where there’s food.
Hey, PIG, put a shirt on!
So unsanitary. So unappetizing.
I would immediately vomit if I were Gabi, in that kitchen with him.
(Rant over.)


I didn’t like it either, but not as adamantly as you. But I do agree.


And ALSO…why do they have Jake acting like this? Up until he uninvitedly moved in, he did not act like this uncouth boor (I love the word boor!).


Exactly. All of this. It’s like he regressed after living a champagne and caviar life for a year.

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They should have had him just stay Jake the Mechanic at Dimera’s because now he has changed for the worse… and I do not like him… at all…

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I have always hated the no shirt in the kitchen gambit. It’s not a sexy look for anyone and quite frankly Jake is looking a bit pudgy so he wasn’t appealing at all. If your in the kitchen with no shirt, you deserve to be splattered with bacon grease!


I don’t really see the issue? Plenty of people walk around the kitchen in tank tops, halters, and less clothing. Heck, Gabi usually has more skin showing than Jake did.
Eli was in the kitchen multiple times in a towel too.


Well it’s one thing if you are getting ready to go swimming and have on swim trunks, but there’s no reason just to hang around someone else’s kitchen stuffing your face with no shirt on. I know it’s Gabi’s house, too, but there are other people living there.

The difference with Eli is he was in his own home when nobody was around. Both times Chanel unexpectedly appeared. Besides, Eli was just not hanging around without a shirt. He had a reason to be shirtless.

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I know why is his shirt off so much? He is good looking guy but shirt off in the kitchen in your girlfriends brother house? Gross!!

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Yeah Jake was not in good shape at all…I was surprised that :flushed: he did that scene with his shirt off.

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no more nastier than sleeping in clothes and wearing them in the kitchen
only god knows whats living on the sheets

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I loved BB as Stefan. This is a totally different character. I can’t stand Jake. Ron always has to find a way to ruin a good thing.

I couldn’t agree more!

AND we all know why Ron ruined it. Woke theory that Stefan was irredeemable

Jake is getting beat up all over re shirtless scenes,I notice on Days russian Blogspot even …one woman? there did seem to identify some kind of compensatory issue though…

Yes, Xander and Eli do it way more. Xander with the eating also.

It really doesn’t bother me. In fact, Iaugh at it.