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Project Runway 2019

Project Runway is back at home on BRAVO! Comes on today, 3/14 at 8pm Eastern…check your local listings!

Here they are, from Bravo’s announcement:

Afa Ah Loo, Lotopa, Samoa
Rakan Shams Aldeen, Homs, Syria
Cavanagh Baker, Nashville
Tessa Clark, Greenville, Ohio
Bishme Cromartie, Baltimore
Venny Etienne, Brooklyn
Jhoan “Sebastian” Grey, Cali, Colombia
Renee Hill, Philadelphia
Sonia Kasparian, Portland
Kovid Kapoor, Brooklyn
Frankie Lewis, Louisville
Lela Orr, Monroe, Louisiana
Jamall Osterholm, Cranston, Rhode Island
Nadine Ralliford, Stone Mountain, Georgia
Gary “Garo Sparo” Spampinato, Bayshore, New York
Hester Sunshine, Santa Fe

Love project runway.

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First Episode…it’s on my DVR, I have watched some parts of it. Will watch tomorrow more. Have to say, it’s a different vibe. They have a new places and new judges. And I am already in love with…I think the colorful gal, Hester! This show is making me want to fun to a fabric store to create dresses for me. :slight_smile:

  • Oh great :slight_smile: I can edit here than making a new post. I just saw the episode. I felt for Frankie, thought her dress was okay, except for the back. Fix the back and the dress is a win win. I don’t think I liked Tessa’s dress. Felt it was made by a kid. Dont know what to say. I guess with the judges, they are very detailed with the dresses that the cast makes. Cavanaugh dress, was basic…but it was a well thought out process. Anyway, looking forward to who will strike out to me.
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I have been watching project runway. For a long time. My favorite winner from project runway was Christian Siriano. I actually have his dress. In my closet. I am also a big fan of America’s next top Model with Tyra banks. :smiley::blush:

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Second Episode…I have it on my DVR. I watched some of it…it’s a weird episode and a challenge. Dont know how everyone is going to do.

  • Just watch it! I loved what Sebastian did with his making his dress! It was soo soo beautiful! Sad of Frankie! If she could not set up to the first challenge, she just could not do it with the second dress. And am soo happy that Hester is still in the game! She thought she was going to go home and Tessa is a bit bossy! Hope she humbles herself up. Anyway, that was the update from what I saw from the second episode. Have to say that it was the most boring episode of this season and there are too many cast to remember by. I only remember some because of their personalities.

I find it tough to get the people straight at the beginning of each season! They only show clips of people and of course the clips are focused for a reason so that doesn’t help. Frankie seemed very likeable but I think this competition is a bit too much for her at this point in her fashion career. Some of the people seem better able to be creative and get their garments done quickly than others. Personally I don’t see how they can create what they do at all and in that relatively short amount of time!

I think, the show gives them a leeway, and tell them to go along what the show says. I remember when I was in high school, we got computers and there was the tv news at our classroom, telling us, to say thank you to the camera, for the audience to believe, we actually were happy that we got computers. Anyway, it’s one who may say things, for the audience to believe it.

Sorry I am late! I am watching the 3rd episode! Its a print challenge episode and I am soo in love with this episode! It’s easy to watch than with the 2nd episode. The 2nd episode was boring…I will come back and update the episode for you!

*Update ---------》 Probably the best episode I have ever watched! I don’t know why the judges liked Kovid’s look. Thought Gary did a better job, but the judges just did not see how great was the pattern. Should have been a dress than a jumpsuit. I thought Bishmie…don’t know if I spelled his name right, was going to win the challenge, but I glad my homegirl, Hester did :slight_smile: The judges did not comment on Nadine’s dress, but judged on what she said of her plus size model. Yeah, she was judgy I would say and was out of the game…I mean her head was. Glad she went home to her kids. That is where her job really is…can’t believe I threw a shade at her. Rakan, should have made a cute dress from that gray stripes pattern than giving her a lazy frumpy look. Anyway, it was a great episode.

4th Episode - Camping Style/Outdoor Srule
It was a boring episode but how it goes to the end, was pretty amazing! Thought Kovid was going home…yeah his fashion sense was all over the place.

5th Episode - Street-Wear Clothes
I loved this episode and totally can relate to it. The clothes that the cast made was impressive. The guest judge, I think was critical of Kovid…ultimately he went home. He was in the bottom 2 most again. At least he was not sad when he was leaving. He just needed to grow more and then come back.

6th Episode - Video game Dress
I am in a middle of it. Thought I would skip this episode, but it looks interesting! I have a feeling that Rakan may go home…I will update this later…

Updated ------》 Yes, Rakan went home! And my girl Hester won immunity for the next challenge. Thought Gary…or Garo…don’t remember their names, was going to win the challenge.

7th Episode — Elegance Dress
Sorry I am late…I am about 4 episodes behind, and will get to them. This episode, is about making elegance dress. Tessa is upset that she got a curvy model. The judge, Brandon was vocal about making models of any shape comfortable. He has said this in past episodes to someone. Can’t remember her name. I just feel all should know that bodies have many types, and not one type. And they function differently. Sorry Tessa, but you should know :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

8th Episode…oh thank god my DVR recorded this and others which I will mentioned later on. My brother and me had a fight and he deleted Project Runway episodes :grimacing: I was furious…so luckily, the network reshowed the episodes except for the 7th. I uh was in the middle of that episode and failed to mention to you all. 8th Episode, I am in the start of it…the cast was upset that Tessa’s look was not elegant and she was not in the bottom 3. Sonja went home. Anyway, off to see this episode. Well update you who goes home or what…

Updated: I actually loved this episode! It was a group’s challenge and apparently, Hester’s team won! Tessa thou, gave her a dig…The losing team…well it was hard because one person had a save card. Renee in the end, went home. There is also one more thing…I loved how Marni was soo cheery with the cast and when she was judging! Anyway, good episode…on to the next episode!

Apparently, my stupid brother has deleted my shows…so I have to list remainder of episodes…so no feedbacks at a moment.

9th Episode - The Stitch Is Back
10th Episode - What Do You Care About
11th Episode - NYC of Dreams