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Poor Quinn

So Eric is going to fall head over heels agian for Donna and ditch or release Quinn to Carter only to find Carter is now in love with Katie. Brooke will get what she wants again.


I hope it all backfires, and this all leads to Ridge and Quinn again!


I am so sick of those holier-than-thou Logan women I could scream. How many of them have been sexually involved with Eric and how many with Ridge? What a bunch of lousy tramps passing judgment on everybody else!


Brooke talking about Quinn betraying Eric was ridiculous. She is the last one who should look down on anyone else, Brooke is just a tramp.


Yeah Brooke really should keep her mouth shut as many times as she has flipped between father and son as well as her sister’s husband.

Brooke thought Ridge was Bridget’s father only for it to turn out Eric is Bridget’s father. Talk about sleeping around with no self respect or decency! That’s the tramp Brooke.


Today (monday) another cringeworthy epi. Not one saving moment except maybe the funny faces Deacon was making.


I meant to add to my above post, Eric is such a dolt he will probably tell Quinn he was sucking honey off Donna’s fingers and that’s what got him going. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: How’s Quinn going to feel about that?


I felt so sad for Donna and frustratedly happy for Quinn. Unless, of course, Eric really can’t do it which will make him run for more honey. lol

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I agree, loved when they brought Thurston Kaye to play Ridge, but he is so boring with Brooke. To me, that ship has sailed. He needs either Shuana, or Quinn.


Me too Queen! I want Brooke alone and suffering. I want Ridge to leave her and finally be with Shauna but Quinn would work too! Please to the powers that be let this happen.


I completely agree! :+1:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I gotta get off this B and B board or I am going to keel over from laughing hysterically.


I hear you. I would love to see Brooke land up alone. Ridge with Shauna, keep Eric with Quinn, Katie with Carter. Donna and Brooke with each other. The Logan’s re such hypocrites. I CANNOT STAND BROOKE. So worried about Eric, did bother her when they were married and cheating with Ridge. Eric needs to grow a pair and tell them all to mind their own business already.


I am so sick of this writing! It’s an embarrassment, if I worked as a writer on this show, i would lie to my friends and tell them I didn’t .
Really Eric!! You do not have the integrity to stick up for your wife? You don’t have the b all s to tell Brooke to mind her own damn business? Better yet, remind that self righteous chick of how many times she has cheated! Cheated on him, cheated on Ridge, messed up her daughter’s life, both of them, by sleeping with the men they loved!! How?? How can that arrogant BB think he can continue to try and make her a hero??? Does he really think we are that stupid or have amenisa?

Eric, the old vain fool, needs people, many people to tell him he’s sexy and desirable. Doesn’t matter that his wife chose him over a very, very, very attractive man who was head over heels in love with her. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH the hypocrisy of these characters. Not one of them, Brooke, Ridge, Katie, should be looking down their noses at Quinn. Were they not all CHEATERS as well? OMG Katie, whose husband did you sleep with, ahhh yes, her nieces!

Sorry, so friggin done with the lazy writing.

TPTB stop trying to make the Logan sisters heros!!! No one, and I do mean NO ONE is buying it.

You all should pay attention to these strings, I have noticed that your ratings are down. They are gonna be down by one more too. So done with this stupid stupid show!

OK, end of rant!! Sorry !


I really don’t even have much to say today, I just can’t with this :poop: I will say this, how did they come up with Eric using the word “breakthrough” for his uprising :wink:

Oh and one other thing, was it wear a sash around your neck at Forrester today? First Donna, then Brooke had something (not a scarf) around their necks???

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If Quinn wants to stay with Eric, she needs to get a blonde wig, some hair coloring, and a jar of honey.


The neck rings, built into their clothing made them both look like they work in a brothel …with whips :rofl:


How can she be hollering about Quinn with her history. Having an affair and a baby with her daughter’s husband was the lowest.


Well if the shoe fits… :dancer: :dancer:


You meant “sons”?