Please fix Chelsea, I really…

Like her. This is the second time its happen. where her character just does this 360 and she starts losing her mind. First on AMC now here.

It looks like there will be climax… im hoping for the best. Fix her. They can do so much better with this character.



I always liked her too. So much fun to watch. Not so much now, to sad all the time.


I used to like her too. The character has been destroyed.

MCE is such a talented actress. She deserves better.


IF they are going to change Chelsea’s character- it would have been fun to watch her upset or get under Victor’s skin and the Newman Clan by investigating what happened to Ashland, maybe talking about it on her POD Cast and insinuating a ‘cover up’. ( they should have kept her with the Pod Cast) Melissa plays crazy good, she puts a funny kind of flare to it. Right now all she is doing is running around aimlessly crying and seeking attention by blowing up Johnny’s life now- where’s the fun in that?