Phyllis and Diane

From what I can see of Diane she seems very genuine, warm, friendly, sane, normal, kind hearted, and always pleasant even to those who abuse her. Perhaps a bit too sweet. I know that is all outward appearances and we don’t know yet if she has truly redeemed herself or not, she may be putting on a good act and is still a baddie or she may really have turned over a new leaf.

What I find difficult to understand is when others (especially Jack, Summer and Kyle) are talking with Diane and Phyllis or when they are watching the interactions between Diane and Phyllis, why don’t they see what a nutcase Phyllis is? Don’t they see that every time she says something to Diane such as “I’m ready to bury the hatchet I want us to be friends,” her voice is dripping with nastiness and sarcasm. She goads and bullies Diane over and over and no one ever calls her out on it. She was extremely rude when Diane gave her the gift basket but no one seemed to notice or think it was not normal The confrontation outside of Jack’s office which caused both of them to lose their jobs was clearly due to Phyllis’s teenage bully type of behavior. How can Summer listen to her mother and honestly think she is normal and really wants to be buddy-buddy with Phyllis? In the real world I don’t think Phyllis would last long at any job with her psychotic behavior.


Phyllis does her nastiest harassment of Diane when no one is looking. But they all know Phyllis is a little off.


Diane just plays the game a bit differently. Phyllis rants and raves and has no filter which makes her look hysterical and childish. Dianne however has a different technique. She watches, listens and carefully crafts her responses ( along with corresponding body language) Diane can read a room and adjust her emotions. People like Diane are better at manipulation because they seem so sincere.


There’s also a chance that Diane really wants a relationship with Kyle & Harrison and regrets her past mistakes.


That’s probably the only legitimate part of Diane, her son & his family.

I agree completely. Phyllis’ manner and behavior is so off-putting and bizarre, and she’s like they even on her best days. I can’t imagine how anyone would want to be around her for even 5 minutes.


True. She imposes her emotions on everyone in the room. Even though Diane is manipulative, so is Phyllis. She dominates everyone and everything with her emotions and bullying. If I had to be in a room with Diane I would spot her manipulating personality immediately and would be able to hold my own. Phyllis - I would have to walk out of the room as soon as I entered it. She’s just plain scary loony.


Diane is a user, she’s using Kyle and Harrison to be around Jack, Jack is her target and Phyllis knows it.


Exactly! Phyllis is the one whose actions should be questioned and addressed more than Diane’s. Phyllis is acting like a big Bully and I am so over her character on the show. But because she is main character, I am sure the writers are going to make her come out of this smelling like a rose-as usual :roll_eyes: I just think it is high time that Phyllis be brought down for the Hypocritical bully that she really is… make her start over and try to atone for some of the sh*t she has done in the past too…


I agree! However I am afraid that Diane has sold her soul to the devil, in order to be able to come back to town for Kyle and or Jack. She is into something really awful and it is gonna get out there and destroy whatever progress she has made with Kyle. She better come clean now or else… still I prefer her over Phyllis - sorry but that woman needs therapy BAD.


I agree. I find Phyllis to be a very disturbed woman in need of serious therapy. She really should be in therapy. Dr. Huffman is not being utilized enough in this show.


I don’t really think that it is up to Phyllis if Diane is with Jack. Phyllis sold her hotel which she loved, just to be in Diane’s orbit and to mess with her. That is very strange and going overboard.


Phyllis is sure making a strong argument to get fired, meaning she won’t be able to keep tabs on Diane.


Maybe Dr Huffman googled his potential patients and said…… :red_car: I”m gone!!!


I don’t like Diane, and I don’t like how this plot has been recycled with Diane and Phyllis feud. It’s boring. And Diane is a phony. Phyllis needs to let Diane and Jack go out together, Jack will live to regret it once again. Phyllis needs to move on.


Phyllis is bullying Diane and it is hard to watch, at times.


Diane is the bully but she is more subtle. It is painful to watch Jack falling for her line again. He has no luck with women.

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I still hope Diane can stay close to Kyle & Harrison. But I think it’s clear Trevor has her cornered and is using her for his plans to takeover (?).

Also, I don’t think Jack is romantically inclined towards Diane. He doesn’t trust Phyllis anymore and I can’t blame him. She is behaving badly.

Exactly Phyllis may be over the top at times, but she isn’t pretending that Diane doesn’t bother her, nor is she crying to Jack or Kyle, oh no one knows what a hard time giving up my son, etc
Diane…oh poor misunderstood me…goes for the sympathy and dumb jack and even dumber kyle fall for it


Phyllis is slowly loosing control. She is displaying the same behaviour she did right before she ran down Christine. She has always had psycotic tendancies. Nikki wants Diane out of town but I wouldn’t doubt that Phyllis wants her dead.
If Nikki is not careful she is going to find herself in a cell next to Phyllis.