Phoney Deacon

What does Deacon know about running a business, never mind a restaurant and where did that money really come from? His explanation is totally ridiculous. How can he even look Brooke, the so-called love of his life, and his precious daughter in the face knowing he’s been hiding and sleeping with Sheila? And he’s still lusting after that criminal? Can’t wait until all his secrets have been revealed. Brooke, Hope and Liam will look like the fools they are for ever believing his crap. Hope especially since she defended him every step of the way even after the New Year’s Eve debockle. Deacon is a snake and always will be.


I’m rooting for Deacon. People have treated him like scum forever. I’d like to see him be super successful, and get himself a mansion on the same street as Brooke!


roray, if you’ll check history, you will find that Deacon once had a successful business of his own. So he has likely saved some of the money to boost this new business.

I agree. I hope that he will come clean.

Liam is always suspicious of Deacon, and with Ridge possibly coming home not to Brooke and Taylor but with a new love interest, Brooke may follow Hope’s advice and start a relationship with him. As for Hope, she will forgive him just because she is Hope. This is my guess though.


I totally agree that Deacon messed up. It is not believable that he suddenly owns such an expensive establishment after he was sleeping in the supply closet a couple months ago. Also, it is not fair that he will just get away with hiding Sheila all those months and also being in a serious relationship with her… like you said lying to Brooke and Hope. Deacon is sleezy lol.


He was in jail and worked as a waiter. When was he able to save?


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If super-sleuth Katie wasn’t so busy trying to talk Bill out of his decision to be with Sheila, she might be checking the money trail for Deacon’s purchase of Il Gardino’s and see how it conveniently traces back to Sheila. Or at least that it doesn’t make sense.

I hate it that Deacon is going to finally get everything he wants, only to have it snatched away from him when it comes out about his involvement with Sheila.

Why can’t he be one of the ‘haves?’ Brooke was a ‘have not’ working as a server for her Mom’s catering company when she was first introduced on the show, and look where she is now.

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Brooke only worked one gig for her mother that was because she wanted to meet the Forresters, not to help her mother put. Brooke has always been about Brooke, to heck with everyone else.


good memory, but the point is, she didn’t come from wealth, she climbed her way to the top, and everyone let her.

so why not deacon?


Brooke married her way to the top, often by getting knocked up first. Deacon can do the same. KKL and SK have chemistry.


Ladybird, excuse me for implying that Deacon may have money. And you are right to assume that he is broke because of his jail term. I was referring to real-life circumstances and detail concerning the rights of criminals’ affairs, which is often times ignored in soap writing material. In the real world, law-administering power of the federal courts under certain circumstances can hold provisions of a criminal and release at some point to the holder monies or funds; it just depends on how the court determined the grounds of withholding Deacon’s financial circumstances. It is way too difficult for me to explain here. I apologize for my error. But thanks for your comments. It is really a joke the way things look for him and his all of a sudden fortune.

In real life Deacon wouldn’t get a liquor license.


Katie is not the brightest hen in the hen house…she can only do one th8ng at a time…deacon might come later…lol


Why would Katie even care where Deacon got the money to buy Il Gardino’s? Katie and Deacon never seem to have any interaction. As far as I can recall we have never heard Katie running Deacon down or saying that he should not be in Hope’s life.

Now if someone was to say that they wonder why either Hope or Brooke are not asking where Deacon got his financing to buy the restaurant then I could understand that but not Katie or even Donna for that matter.

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Again, in real life it would depend on the business contract between the co-owners. Deacon may not be able to get a liquor license; however, a reserved approval or another decision to consider is that some other owner in good standing may be approved for the sale of liquor. It really depends of the issues surrounding his co-owners or the parties involved and state and local business laws.

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I can’t believe he didn’t get caught bedding shelia,would’ve been great soap…who would lend him money…maybe shelia gave him miney