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Paris & Zende

I know there is another thread regarding Paris moving in with Steffy and Finn, but isn’t Paris still dating Zende? Wouldn’t there be more than enough room for her and her clothing at the Forrester estate? Instead, she’s moving into Steffy’s smaller beach house with Steffy, Finn and two kids (a newborn no less) where everything takes place in the small living room? Is there even a third bedroom in Steffy’s beach house? I know….just a technicality, but seriously, why isn’t she staying at the Forrester estate? Clearly (to me) this is for storyline purposes.


Yes, Paris is dating Zende. This week she let’s him know she is living with Steffy and Finn. I think she and Zende discuss their relationship … AGAIN. Hopefully, they will reaffirm their commitment to one another.

I hate they stuck Paris in Steffy’s home. Steffy and Finn are now a new family with no privacy. Paris will likely be stuck down in every scene they have and she will be endlessly going on about her own woes (which I couldn’t care less about).


It’s going to make it hard for me to even watch Steffy scenes if Paris is involved. Bummer.


This is done for storyline purposes but not at all realistic. Anyone’s guess as to the outcome.

Not sure of the outcome, but Paris gives me the Zzzzz’s. I actually can fall asleep watching her now.