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Out with the new, in with the old, B&B!

There are some dead weight characters on the show. Why not just get rid of them and bring back fan favorites like some more Forresters and Taylor?

Who do you feel aren’t necessary to keep?

IMO, the dead weight characters are:

(While I dislike Hope, Liam & Brooke, they at least have main storylines.)

I’d bring back these:

  • Thorne and a long lost kid of his, simply because he needs one!
  • Taylor, as she’s needed for Thomas & Steffy. Maybe with a re-cast, they can make Thorne & Taylor a major supercouple this time?
  • Kristen can work as a designer and be there for Zende.
  • Felicia with her son who is surely about 20 now.
  • Nicole & Sasha
  • Also, a sister for Finn would be great. Maybe someone who got tired of their parents and left them to study abroad and doesn’t really get along with the parents now either.

With Wyatt free from Flo, he can date either Finn’s sister or Thorne’s long lost daughter. Thomas could date Finn’s sister.
Zende and Dino could be in a quadrangle with Nicole and Sasha. And add Thomas as a potential love interest for Sasha as well.


I’m pretty good with your list to let go, except Katie…but that’s more because I like Heather Tom. It’s been talked about here that Shauna and Donna will be competing for old Eric…so I don’t see them going anywhere.

I’ve only been watching B&B for a couple of years so some on your bring back list I’m not sure who they are. I do know who Taylor is , but I would definitely want a re-cast on that one.


Get rid of steffy and finn
We dont need zende and paris
We dont need eric send him to visit his brother or to see kristen
Recast nick marone for shauna
Revive jackie m call it marone designs
Cast an older jack whos a doctor
Recast taylor
Send douglas to spend time with his grand mothers
Cast felicas son as a designer send him to marone designs
Cast diane marone shes a few months younger than hope
She can be smart beautiful with a business degree and works at MI with her father and brother
Recast rosie


Oh!!!not Steffy and Finn,Hope and Liam instead….


Give Brooke, Liam and Hope another show and let Bell have it so other characters can have an opportunity to entertain B&B fans. Send Eric, Donna, Pam, Charlie, Zende and Paris with them.

Have Carter and Justin create a huge Law Firm that sues companies like Spencer and Forrester who mistreat employees. Have a union come in and Carter and Justin represent them against Forrester and Spencer. Expand Carter and Justin’s family so they have to eventually decide if work is worth giving up so much time so they scale back on their workloads and hire some younger attorneys who are eager and can work all kind of hours to make their careers be what they have goals for. They get to represent the models from FC and whoa, they like it…

No more close family members added just to keep swapping around in the same three families all the time, it is pure creepy how they just swap around husbands and wives as it is. It just seems wrong on so many levels, like when Wyatt was sleeping with his former step-mother who is also the mother of his younger brother and then they got engaged so his brother would be his step-father/brother and his father would be his father and step-grandfather and his mother would be his mother and his brothers wife. I don’t know I just kept thinking, what the heck will this 10 year old kid think about all this close relationship wheel of marriages/divorces/sex/re-marry/re-divorce on and on.
Another example is Steffy who has been with Bill and then also married to both of his sons. It’s like they sit on the floor and spin the bottle to see whose turn it is. Gross on so many levels.
Again, no more family members please.

Show Steffy at the strong, smart, creative woman she is and stop making her Hope’s prop. Never ever put her with a weak man again, enough of the Liam/Steffy uneven relationship. Steffy doesn’t need a man she has to take care of, she needs a man who can be a partner and love her first and foremost. No scheming blondes as rivals so she can really be herself without having to lower her level of abilities.

Give Wyatt a shocking opportunity to really shine and have him outshine his father x1000. Take Flo up and bring Brooke down, down… down. Let Flo be the one to get the last laugh on how Brooke has treated her.

Give Katie her OWN man, no one she has to play prop for Brooke, not every man wants the man-eater, some like the kind beauty who can cook them dinner, help them grow their company, raise their kids, run charities and even run and win a government election if they want. Katie can be unstoppable, Brooke just needs to be stopped.

Give Ridge the absolute love of his life and she is a brand new woman, a woman like no other he has ever been with before. Stop making them fake and controlling, let her be real. Let her be nice but not a push over, she is nice because she want’s to be, but she won’t stand there while you try to make her small and little, she is nobody’s shadow, she is the stand out.

Give Thomas someone who knows struggle, put a new receptionist in who is an intern, put her at Pam’s old desk so Thomas sees her all day every day. Let him find out she is working two jobs so she can intern there while she is learning to design, have him offer her a paid job because he also sees he has a daughter Douglas’ age and knows how it feels not to get to spend time with your child because you are having to fight to make your way. Have him be a great husband and father and Hope gets so jealous she looks at Liam and says “what was I thinking” then she just pines for Thomas, who won’t give her the time of day.

Have a beautiful woman come in and take Paris’ place so the writers send her on over to the new show called Brooke/Hope/Liam show, Featuring Eric, Donna, Paris, Zende & Shauna

Quinn, our girl Quinn… keep her just as she is, don’t put her back with a man who doesn’t know how to support her when she wants to get a little evil. Give her a man who believes in her, knows how to bring out her good side and makes her beam her smile every day. Make her a viral sensation with her Jewelry. Give her a podcast with Carter and have them do some crazy interviews… Just let her have fun.

Wyatt and Flo would make an awesome podcast team too.


I think they would be crazy to let Heather Tom go. She is a daytime powerhouse, more Emmys than any other actress.


They really don’t utilize her at all, she is such a good actress, if she didn’t have to play prop for Brooke she would carry that show, they don’t let her show how she can really shine.


I liked her as Victoria on young and the restless when I used to watch many, many years ago.
I haven’t watched, I don’t think for 20years…
I don’t like her as Katie.
As Victoria she had a personality, and wasn’t a complete walk over.
Now she gets walked over by everyone, especially her sister and husband…


Would anyone notice if Katie just disappeared? They’ve had Heather for over a decade and all Katie is is an after thought. She does nothing to push story forward, she only reacts to what others do. She is completely pointless, like Donna.

I have no problem with Heather, but Katie is such a boring character. If you let HT go, they can afford another actress to play a better character. A recast Taylor for example.


I’m really not emotionally invested in any of the characters currently on the show to the point that I would miss them if they disappeared.

The only current characters I feel are really needed for the structural continuity of the show are Eric, Ridge and Brooke.

Besides that, the show needs at least one of Tridge’s children and at least one of Brooke’s children (but not necessarily Hope).

The rest can easily be replaced IMO. I’d remove as many of them as needed to make room for the following characters:

Kristen or Felicia
Diana Carter
Aly (if her death can be plausibly retconned)

I’d center the show around fashion and the two companies Forrester Creations and Spectra Fashions, rather than keeping Spencer Publications (which is really a dead weight company unless their role as a representative of the media actually impacts storylines).

I am good with getting rid of that list.

Yes, and isn’t it crumby this is all they give her, it’s almost like we can set a clock as to how long before Brooke and Bill betray her yet again. Katie needs a front and center s/l that doesn’t involve Brooke or Bill. Now, what that might be I have no idea. :sunglasses:

Macy would also miraculously have to return from the dead. She was declared brain dead by the doctors and off-screen, Sally turned off the ventilator that kept her breathing.

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Death has never been a valid reason to stop a character returning to a soap opera! :sweat_smile:

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B&B doesn’t do it as often as the other soaps. I think Macy will stay dead considering the Spectras and Thorne are gone and Macy never had kids. Plus Bobbie Eakes is more involved in music than acting.

I don’t think Bell wants to bring back anyone from death at this point. Possibly Caroline if he wanted to make Hope lose Douglas, but I doubt it.

If they could, or would, bring back Stephanie.

Yeah, I don’t really think they will bring Macy back. Too much time has passed. The world has turned…

It really was a terrible decision to get rid of the Spectras, and the side characters, and all the Forrester siblings. It’s too small, not enough character interactions. So much over-exposure. They should never have made Sally turn crazy - with a functioning Spectra, we could have had many opportunities for people to change sides and build more rivalries. B & B has completely forgotten what made it great, once upon a time.

Um I think the characters can stay BUT do a overhaul with the writing of the characters! IMO you can do a lot if interesting stories with all those characters, but the writing is what makes or break whether a character should stay or go …


I didn’t quite include her in the “far-fetched return from the dead” category because of the ambiguity in the writing at the time. None of what supposedly happened was actually shown, only Sally was present at the time of the supposed death, and we never heard her talk about it.

Not that I actually think they would bring Macy back at this point after so many years, but I really miss the entire Spectra Fashions part of the show and she is the one character I think could believably fill that void left by Sally Sr. (The 2017 Spectra revival failed IMO because none of those characters had ever spent a day at SF working with Original Sally.)

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I think it’s the writers not the actors that should be replaced. Every single character has a fan base, some bigger than others, but I think it’s important to represent everyone a little more equally.