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Opinion Y&R, B&B

Haven’t posted in years. But I follow B&B and Y&R. I’m a little puzzled as to why Y&R brought MS back to the role of Phyllis, as are a lot of Y&R fans, I’m sure. They seem to have the character going off spinning in a juvenile manner. They say the reason they basically fired GT and brought back MS was because they felt the audience was feeling disconnect with the show. True, but perhaps that was because core characters were taking a backseat, while BOOM, they dropped an entire family out of nowhere, the Rosales family, giving them a front seat. GT was a more mature Phyllis, and while I love Michelle, to have the character revert back to this childishness, UGH, is too much.
As for B&B, what does Brooke Logan do at Forrester Creations, except complain about Thomas being obsessed with Hope. She has the money, Bill has said she’s wealthy many times, why doesn’t she start her own fashion house, as Ridge once wanted her to, he actually had the sign made up “Logan Designs”? They need another fashion house. And, I’m scratching my head, why aren’t Thorne, Felecia, or Kristen mad at daddy Eric for choosing Ridge and his kids, Eric’s Step family, over them, his biological kids to run the company???

I agree about Michelle, she makes a much better Phyllis. Brook is so petty about Hope. I don’t recall Thomas being like he is. I thought he was supposed to be found out as having a tumor on the brain, that’s causing him to be the way he is. The B&B, is another topic. The treatment that Steffey is getting is unreal. Liam doesn’t take responsibility of his part as adding to returning his affection to Steffens. He has a daughter with her before Hope came in and took advantage of the problem between Liam and Steffy. He belongs with Steffy.