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Olympics cliffhanger

That was beyond lackluster today. Did anyone like it? I guess I just thought it was predictable.

Sure, we expected a lot of what happened, but I still found it pretty good. Lucas and Sami’s scene was sad. Nicole’s happiness at screwing it to Sami was very nice, and I’m hating to have to wait so long to find out how EJ will deal with Sami. He can act quite intimidating, so cold and calculating. Ciara, otoh, was driving me nuts.


The imitation of the original Bo and Hope wedding kidnapping , using Claire as the surprise stand in, was such a cheap copy. It really fell flat.

Pay back for what Sami did to Nicole’s marriage is coming more swiftly than I imagined. This new EJ has that controlled anger that will truly explode. Fireworks are in the works.

These two weeks of the Olympics will give us time to cool our heels and see what Days has in store for us.

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I really enjoyed today’s episode. Best in a while.

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I loved when Ben said “Happy Anniversary Ciara!” That was classic!
I think Claire had on the same dress and veil that Jan wore a while back when she surprised Shawn.
I also thought Nicole telling EJ was quick but I’m guessing the torture he is planning for Sami and Lucas will be slow and methodical.


I guess I can say it was a good show but it didn’t leave me shocked like a cliffhanger should lol Last year’s cliffhanger that didn’t pan out since the Olympics were canceled was more of a cliffhanger when Vincent or was it Eve who tried to blow up the church?

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I wanted an ending scene like the one in “The Graduate,” with Ben beating on the church window screaming “CI-ERA!, CI-ERA!” (instead of “E-LAINE”) and Ciera screaming “BEN!” just like in the movie. Then with the two of them running out of the church, boarding a passing bus, and sitting there looking totally bored while Simon and Garfunkle’'s “Sounds of Silence” played on the soundtrack, instead of the Days theme.


Beyond predictable and a snooze fest as well. I guess that was the best Ron could do and honestly, I’m not surprised.

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We all knew what was going to happen. However. I did like the way it went down so fast. Probably because of the Olympic break. Loved that Nicole wasted no time going to see EJ and they didn’t drag out the wedding debacle. I wish all their stories would move that fast instead of just dragging on for months on end.

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One of the best cliffhangers was when the town blew up and everyone was thought to have died. Then the new writers took over Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell and it slowed to a damn crawl.

I haven’t watched Friday’s episode yet but I was HOPING (and know that didn’t happen) that Paulina’s plan would go through and the whole HTS would BLOW UP even though she tried to reverse it.
I’ve been good and have scrolled all the way to the bottom without reading any spoilers just yet…
But when they said it would knock our socks off, I thought they meant literally, due to the explosion of the HTS. And Ken Corday would reach into his bill fold and shell out the dough for '80s worthy pyrotechnics and special effects and actual sets being destroyed to smitherines.


The whole town blew up? Salem? Not sure I remember this lol.

Well, it was an explosion that killed Madison (Brady was engaged to) and the whole town was there. Jack pushed Abby out of the elevator which “killed” him. Nicole lost her baby. That all happened right before the Olympics with a fundraising gala. I found this quote from a site from 2012.

Beginning Aug. 13, the NBC sudser will follow in a long line of daytime disasters by launching a “ Days aster” in Salem. During a big fundraising gala, a series of explosions begin wreaking havoc on the city. Folks are trapped in collapsed buildings, some climb their way out of sunken holes, while others learn to make due by canoodling to their heart’s content. (Sami, you untamed sex kitten!)

All the major characters will be involved in Operation: Kablooey, including John and Marlena, Chad, Gabi and Melanie, Jack, Jennifer and Abigail, and a pregnant Nicole.

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Ohhhh the Daysaster. I saw that on YouTube. Loved it. Besides Jack dying for the millionth time.

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I did not like the outcome from the explosion. The show was so good up until that point. Days went down hill shortly after this and I quit watching for year because of it. It was basically a cost cutting storyline.

Yeah, it really slowed down to a crawl after everything with Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell writing. Ian McAllister kidnapped and held Stefano hostage as well as EJ which was drawn out way too long.

And I liked the Ian McAllister character at the time. He was a good villain. But he was being written out as well. I thought things were going smoothly until the Disaster and then it got boring real fast and it made me mad that they had all these great characters back at the time and ruined it. I believe it was cost cutting. They expected bigger ratings with the cast,

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