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Odd couple

Please. I can’t see these two getting together. Put her back with Bill


Welcome @fairlane500 to the board. Are you referring to Katie pairing with Carter? I’m much more in favor of Katie with Carter, than going back to Bill for the umpteenth time. Just my opinion.


She will eventually though because that’s what Katie always does which leaves Carter hurt and alone yet again.

That aside, I’m tired of there being literally no Logan free men on this show. They’re like cockroaches, they infest everything!


Katie is the only one I can tolerate. I really, really hope she remains steadfast and doesn’t go back to Bill.

I want to see Bill and Shauna have a little sumpin, sumpin :wink::wink:


Welcome Welcome to the board fairlane500!
Katie is Bill’s door mat, it never works long for them. Then I would have to see Katie trying to change Bill all over again, I can’t stand her with her demands on Bill, her crying, and her screaming. She has just kill the character Bill.

As for her with Carter, they will connect, because they just both want someone who will only love them. Quinn and Bill are not up to that job of only loving them. I can only hope for the best, when they are a couple.


I know many feel the same as you, I just personally don’t see Katie as being much different than the rest of the Logans and she’s taken Bill back SO many times that I’m kinda just “I’ll believe it when I see it” in regards to her finally moving on from Bill.

All for Bill and Shauna though, Bill and Quinn would be even better lol


I have a fondness for the actress from her days as Victoria on Y&R, so that might be why I cut her a bit of slack.

I like the idea of Shauna and Bill because it’s someone new. Bill and Quinn have so much history.


The show show saw Quin got some momentum and they wanted Katie to get some also.

That’s understandable. I have certain soap actors/actresses that I love so much that I tend to be softer with their characters in general. I’m that way especially with Melissa Claire Egan, she always plays the bad girl and her characters have done some truly heinous things but I love her so much that I always soften towards the characters she plays.

I’m not a big HT fan but I do recognize that she has a large fanbase. That girl can cry easier than anyone else on daytime that’s for sure lol She reminds me so much of my youngest sister in that sense. From infancy my sister could cry on demand and not just cry but full on bawl like the world is ending, she used to pull the waterworks as a prank all the time when we were little and then once she really had us feeling bad she’d start cracking up and say “gotcha!!” Lol

Definitely agreed that Bill and Quinn have a lot of history and they hate each other but they were so much fun lol definitely won’t ever be a great love story there but they certainly make for an entertaining fling.

Personally, I’d like to see Bill with someone completely new as in not currently on the show. Him and Shauna could have some fun but IMO she’s too sweet for him long term, I don’t think she could really handle Bill beyond a little bedroom romp. Bill needs a cutthroat woman who won’t cower to him or try to change him. The only two women who have ever fit that bill with Bill are Steffy and Quinn. Since I don’t want Steffy anywhere near Bill ever again and Quinn’s got her hands full, I vote for someone brand new.

That said, I think Thomas deserves a new love interest before anyone is brought on for $Bill.

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There time together was before I started watching B&B. I jumped in right when Quinn and Eric were getting together. Obviously I know a bit about Quinn and Bill, mainly because of Wyatt. I’m looking at Shauna as a potential love interest for Bill, although your idea of someone completely new to the show is great…I’m just not sure if that is in the budget??? But if so, bring it on.

I’ve always liked Chelsea, I have not always liked the writing for her. But the actress is tip top in my opinion and am anxious for her return and how she plays in to the mix with Chloe, Adam and my gal Sally. As for Thomas, anyone but Paris for him and I do mean anyone. LOL


I just don’t think Shauna can handle Bill’s problematic personality lol

For Thomas, I’d say anyone but Hope or Paris lol

And yeah, I can’t wait for Chelsea to return. MCE always entertains me no matter what.


I think Shauna would be perfect with Bill, and they do have a history. Her personality could actually soften Bill a little, and her logical mind could help him put things in perspective. I could like this pairing.
It would be a little weird with Bill dating his son’s future mother-in-law, but that’s the usual borderline incest in B&B that Bell loves so much.


ICAM!!! Thomas and Hope have the WORST chemistry on the show IMO. And the character of Paris has just been ruined with her hypocrisy and holier than thou attitude, (not that she was that great to begin with IMO).

I’d say for Thomas either bring in someone new or bring Caroline back from the dead, then she can also reclaim her son from that creepy “relationship” with Hope :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:.


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Welcome to the board!

I haven’t seen Hope (at least this Hope) have chemistry with a single person on the show. Even unromantic friend/family kind of chemistry I don’t see at all. Which is strange because usually when cast members are playful irl that translates on screen to some degree but nope, zilch, nada! Lol

Paris is a big no for me because she’s just like Hope and no one needs another one of those lol

I would LOVE for Caroline to come back! Huge fan of the character and have wanted her back permanently ever since she left. However, I’m also a huge Ridge/Caroline fan so if she came back I would probably never be content with her being with Thomas lol I’d like for Thomas to have someone brand new. Someone non-Logan and non-stupid so basically non-Logan lol


Bring back Maya half-sister Tasha for Thomas, they looked great together


Yes, I loved Sasha and she had great chemistry with the old Thomas so I’d love to see how she works with MA’s version.

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ICAM, nothing against her acting, but I personally haven’t seen that chemistry either. Like with KKL and KM, I personally thought they had that mother/daughter vibe.

Again ICAM lol.

As long as she takes Douglas away from that creepy “relationship” with Hope.

When she was trying to manipulate to steal Douglas from Thomas I was hoping it would be revealed that Douglas was Ridge’s kid.


Agreed on everything!

I wasn’t a fan of KM’s Hope either but she did have chemistry with some of the other actors/actresses on the show.

I’m with you on Caroline as well, I’d love nothing more than to see her come back and put an end to Hope’s little fantasy and then look at Liam and say “oh and thanks a lot cuz” lol

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