NOT everything is baiting. Read before you report

We are receiving feedback from some posters who are confused about what baiting is. It has sparked us to make a change as to how we moderate baiting. We want you to understand what does not constitute baiting so that you can stop reporting posters because they hate your favorite characters.

The first thing to note is that no moderator on the staff is biased. We are here to do a job and don’t care who you like or dislike. We’re adults. We have no favorites which is why we have these jobs.

This board that has an ignore feature. USE IT if you need to because we’re not here to hassle people for their opinions. That’s not our job. Our job is solely to ensure guidelines are followed. Your job is to be mature enough to know when to step away.

Stop flagging posts as “argumentative.” Instead, use your own debating skills to discuss or agree to disagree. We’re not your parents. We’re not here to babysit your debates. That is actually in our job description ‘You are not babysitters’.

Not one person is alike. We were all brought up by our parents differently, we’ve our own issues, our own fears, loves and our own irritations that shape us into who we are. That means we’re not always going to agree. That means you agree to disagree as you would in person.

Everyone’s points are valid. Every single point. This is why we don’t care if you’re pro-Steffy or pro-Hope. There are good and bad points about ALL characters. If there weren’t they’d be boring. If we all agreed on everything, life would be boring.

This is what you need to stop doing - and we’re being blunt because in the past, being subtle on the B&B board has not done us any favors:

Stop reporting posts when other posters bring up another character’s name in a thread. Just stop it. We’re ignoring this now.

If a poster attacks a character, it is not baiting so let them say what they want.

If you do not like a post then let it go. Move on. Don’t reply if you think it’ll make you mad. In reality, if your friend tells you she doesn’t like Steffy or Hope when you love Steffy or Hope, you agree to disagree or you debate the reasons. You don’t treat your friends like dirt so don’t treat your fellow posters that way.

If a thread you see is clearly pressing your buttons, because you’re letting them press your buttons, back away. ALL of our posters deserve to be able to discuss whomever they like or dislike. Even Soaps’ writers have opinion columns and are allowed to talk about issues plaguing them. This is life. We’re not always going to agree but we need to always respect each other.

Stop trying to change your fellow posters minds. Let them have their opinion and while you can ask why they feel the way they do, don’t be passive aggressive about it. Don’t try to make them feel as if their opinion isn’t as good as yours.

Please respect each other. We want to see all of you happily posting for good. It gives us no pleasure at all to warn posters or ban them. That is the honest truth.


So this means off topic posts are no longer against the rules? Anyone can come into any thread and talk about whatever they want? Why bother with topics? Or does this mean that those who report should not report it as baiting but use the off topic section?


I think what they mean is that it is not baiting to discuss ofther characters or topics . The natural flow of almost every discussion turns to something else. Rarely does a thread end where it began.


If their name is brought up, as it will happen in discussion, people should not be penalized for it or upset by it. That’s all. Lyn1216 your post explains it too. Thank-you.

We are very tired of the arguing on this board in particular.


To not spread misinformation, questions of this nature must always be directed at moderators. At the top of the page there is always a notice of how to PM the admin. Yes, we want everyone to keep posting, but if you are having posts deleted (not just flagged by others); and you are getting warnings, please make sure you understand why.

Getting a warning for deleted posts means you yourself broke the rules.

Deleted posts in general could be because posts were deleted as part of a discussion where someone else’s post was deleted, and hence all the replies may disappear.

Thank you!

If freedom of speech is attacked here I’m gone. Not having any part of it.