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No sympathy for brook

she never learns. never grows up


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i agree tho i did feel a little twinge at the end for her but she is still using the word innocent way to much and it was not Innocent!
Brooke needs to move on with bill until she finds herself a younger man because that is what she really wants! Brooke is like liam, she enjoys the honeymoon period and then she gets bored hence all the busy boding she does or how she keeps bill or another male at arms length for just in case!
she needs to except herself and realize she not cut out for the matronly life!

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Never apologises, never atones, never learns, never makes amends, never forgives, never learns, never matures, never acts her age, never learns…


Brooke is the female version of Liam. Always has a Plan B waiting in the wings for when she gets bored with her Destiny… :smirk: :unamused:

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Brooke would have been fine if she had just remained seated. Bill was giving her the words of comfort but that was not enough for Brooke. She just had to get up out of her seat and move towards Bill. For Brooke the verbal comfort was not enough she just had to have the physical comfort. In that moment it did not matter to Brooke that the man that she was seeking comfort from was her sister’s man. It was not the first time that she had sought comfort in Bill’s arms even though he was with Katie. In that moment neither Bill nor Brooke cared one iota about Katie.

I am not sure of how many times we have heard Brooke kiss Bill and then turn around and tell them that they should not have kissed. This has happened way more that four, five or even ten times. I am looking at the history of Brooke and Bill. I am remembering the time that Taylor told Katie that Brooke and Bill had been kissing. Katie accepted the blame because she had technically set them up. How many times did Brooke kiss Bill behind Katie’s back before Katie took off her rings? Then Bill went back to Katie and once again Brooke and Bill started kissing behind Katie’s back and even made a baby. Then after Bill and Katie remarried we had the nappy room. Once again we have Brooke and Bill kissing. That was not a comforting kiss. That kiss was more like an “I want you kiss”.

Once again Brooke feels that Katie should just forgive Bill and her. Donna is a complete idiot in going along with Brooke. For some reason I can’t recall Brooke ever going after any man that Donna is with while she is with them so maybe that is why she can’t understand how Katie feels.

I can understand Katie possibly forgiving Bill for Will’s sake, not that I think that she should forgive him but she should never ever forgive her sister again.

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