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Nina on General Hospital

After being a viewer of General Hospital for 50 years I have never been as disappointed in the re-casting of a character as I am with the Nina replacement. Her performance is flat and she us totally unbelievable in her romance with Valentin as well as being a fashion icon. Anyone else?


I’m 45 and I have watched at least 35 maybe more lol. She is not my fave however I don’t hate her. My issue is more that I adore Valentin and do Not want him losing Wyndemere. I want him to shine. Oh yeah and I hate Spencer. Always gotta throw that in!

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strong textOh yeah and I hate Spencer
Me too
I’ve tried to “like” the nu-Nina, but I just can’t – there is NO chemistry between her and Valentin (IMHO) and she certainly does NOT have any fashion flaire!


I agree…don’t care much for nu nina…really HATE Spenser…and I do like cassedine…