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Nicole Doesn't Deserve This!

I’m watching Friday’s episode now and am about to freak out in disgust.
Nicole only slept with Xander once, and it was because she was drunk and lonely and distraught.
This wasn’t a deliberate affair, and it’s one of those things that firmly belongs in the ‘take it to the grave’ area, as far as secrets go.
This hurts Nicole. This hurts Eric. And it’s going to turn Marlena against Nicole because he probably won’t stick around and stay in town after this!
It’s just all so needless and vindictive.
But I guess that’s Sami for you!
And yes, I know it’s a soap.
But still… this is just wrong on so many levels.
This isn’t the villainess I can’t wait to see exposed.
This is needy, vulnerable Nicole who NEEDED her man to return home.
It’s sick and evil what Sami’s doing.
And I’m not cheering.

Nicole did NOT deserve this.



There are only three minutes left in the show, and I know something bad’s going to happen.

I’m literally freaking out right now as Nicole gives her ‘thank you’ speech to everyone in attendance and she is on Cloud 9 thinking:

A.) I’ve got my husband back.
B.) I’m surrounded by friends and family
C.) I couldn’t be happier in this very moment.

DAMN YOU, Sami!!!



I just saw the cliffhanger and have to admit, even though Nicole doesn’t deserve this, and I will maintain that position, the drama is INSANE!

Nicole nervous after seeing Xander bust in.
Sami actin all shocked but also laughing in her drink.

This is DRAMA!!! #$%^%#$^#%$^$


:musical_note: “I’m Loving Every Minute of It! “ :musical_note:


Nicole stole Samis baby and let her grieve a child that wasn’t hers. I don’t care how long ago it was, she can never suffer enough. And Marlena and Eric and Roman are the worst family members ever for pretending it’s OK Nicole did that. I hope they ALL suffer. In perpetuity.


Ok, so you are not a Nicole fan, got it. Nicole has lost two babies, went to jail for the Sydney kidnapping, and Sami got Sydney back and has raised her ever since. Yes, what Nicole did was horrible, but that was ions ago. Nicole has changed since then and has tried to be a better person. Sami isn’t only hurting Nicole, she is also destroying Eric’s marriage too while holding onto a cheating secret herself. Sami is absolutely wrong for what she is doing. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! I hope she enjoys destroying Nicole’s marriage because it is going to cost her own marriage as well and I can not wait!


Yes, she does. This is payback for all the scheming she did last year to make sure ally and Sami remain estranged. Nicole even let Eric lie for her in court, get her Sami

Omg Sami kidnapped her sister and sold her on the black market and she hasn’t changed much at all. She’s still the same bi*ch she’s always been. Yes Nicole did a bad thing but she’s paid enough for it and she’s grown as a person. We will probably never say the same thing about Sami. Also Nicole has been there for Allie and this is how Sami repays her kindness? She’s more of a mother to Allie than Sami ever was. So sick of Sami and her shenanigans. They always backfire in her face and she never learns from it. Ship her back to Italy already.


Every person who was shaking their head in disbelief over Nicole cheating is such a hypocrite! Sami being the most obvious (and obnoxiously annoying!), but also:
Belle: Umm, cheated on Shawn with Phillip. Twice I think!
Marlena and John: Had an affair while she was with Roman
EJ: Cheated on both Nicole (with Sami and her sister) and Sami with Abby
Eric: Slept with Nicole even though she was with his Brady (oh and not to mentioned killed Daniel and she forgave him for that!!!)

Brady (and Chloe) were the only ones who empathized and stuck up for her. Which says a lot about Brady as she cheated on him in the past with Eric (see above) but they found their way back to being friends.


I think both Nicole and Eric deserved this. Eric lied on the stand, selling out his sister just a year ago. Nicole has cheated on every husband except maybe Daniel, attempted to murder at least two people, kidnapped a child, blackmailed people etc. I just wish Sami hadn’t done it because she has done equally bad things and everyone will hate her for this except EJ who actually loves Sami’s evil nature. And she won’t have him long because the members of her family, Lucas and Phillip (who had no business being at a Brady party) will torpedo her marriage.

You raise a good point. Admittedly, I took a gap year from Days and missed the whole Sydney thing

“Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!”



And this is why Days is so popular and keeps getting renewed. We could argue for days about this! :grin::grin::grin: Both women have decades of recorded wrongs.


It was great to see! Xander is the best character on here.

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Don’t know the history but Sami is the most sadistic person I’ve ever seen.


Can’t wait to see Sami get hers! I stopped watching the show for years because of her (kudos to AS for being so good at being a b*tch). The way she treated her own sister, Carrie. I tuned in to watch Sami attempt to marry Austin. I saw spoilers that said the marriage wasn’t going to happen. I believe I also got to see Carrie punch Sami. Or was that just my wildest dream come true?!


The fact that Sami did this to Nicole in public really ticks me off too. It’s one thing to ruin your brother’s marriage; it’s another thing to humiliate him in front of family. Just goes to prove that Sami doesn’t really care about her brother, only herself. I would love to see Eric disown her before he leaves. I can only hope Nicole repays the favor & tells EJ in public too.


I hope Marlena reads her the riot act And Brady.


I am sorry but John Black was right if Sami privately went Eric he wouldn’t have believed her. Eric was taking Nicole’s side on everything before he left for Africa.

I’d like to know why anybody thought Sami being there was a good idea? When have they ever been in a room together without fireworks and mega drama. Even the wedding was screwed