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Nicole and EJ looked good on camera

Don’t know if they will go there again with them. (I don’t want her near Rafe) but to me this Sammie is just to annoying and kind of comedy.

I like AS but to me Sammie is kid of bombing this time out Lucas just seems so Nerdy to me.

And they keep reminding us that Sammie is a bad girl.
But I don’t blame he for coming back and getting that check.

I like AS too. It’s the stupid writers that make her seem worse. It’s amazing how different she is when you watch her on the Hallmark movies. The way she plays Sammie is the way the writers want her played. Just plain obnoxious.


I really liked the spark between EJ and Nicole as well but I don’t think they are going to try and put them together, for now anyway, I do think Rafe and Nicole will be the next thing (which I really want) but I do like snarky Nicole. Now that they have gotten her away from Eric, I am hopeful that Nicole gets her feisty side back.