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New Republican No-Bash Thread (Republicans ONLY)

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If you are NOT a Republican DO NOT COME INTO THIS THREAD. This is for Republicans only to discuss their politics. If you are caught in here arguing you could be banned.


I’m totally proud of President Trump’s accomplishments and pray that God and the wise voters of America hand him a second term – Faithfully, not a Russian bot lol :stuck_out_tongue:


me too…


Today was a great day for the President.

No collusion, No obstruction!

And after today’s testimony, I believe that there are no new “bombshells.” Great day for the GOP.


Admin bumping this thread for others to find.

I just found this thread. Finally a place for Republicans to exchange thoughts. As for me, I love President Trump and all the hard work he’s done and is still doing, in spite of the way that the hateful left wing Democrats and state run media treat him and his family. It’s time to stand behind this great President. God bless you all and I hope to see other America loving Patriots join in the discussion.


Does anyone know why President Trump doesn’t need glasses or contacts?

I think Trump is doing a good job. To be honest…I wish he’d keep his yap shut sometimes. But then other times, he really tickles me with some of the things he says. He certainly is not afraid to say what he thinks. He’s definitely not “politics as usual”.

I wonder how much this impeachment process is costing us taxpayers. All for a guy who is up for reelection. I think the Democrats are afraid they don’t have anyone who can beat him, so they’re desperate to get him out by any means necessary.


I agree. I definitely don’t think he is a polished speaker or anything of the sort but despite the outward appearances and behavior he is still getting things done and isn’t that what elected officials (ALL of them) are suppose to do?

I don’t have a problem with billionaires that become politicians but I do have a problem with politicians that have become billionaires. I don’t feel like they are doing whats best for me (general me/the people) whereas I feel others are only doing what’s best for them/their pocket books.


I’ve voted for Democrats and I’ve voted for Republicans in my life. But the Democratic party isn’t even recognizable anymore. When I think of Bill Clinton (crook, I know, but I still thought he was a good president) and even Obama…the people running now seem to have very little in common with Democrats of the past.


This is true. I’ve voted both parties as well. I’ve been union and nonunion and am now self-employed. I am tired of working my butt off so that others don’t have to.
I used to support the Democratic party because I felt they truly were doing what was best for the American people but now I feel like they are doing what’s best for them but trying to spin it as if it’s what’s best for everyone.
I felt as if the Democratic party stood for unity, peace, acceptance and love but they sure aren’t doing that right now so it’s confusing to say the least.
There are so many individuals, families and children in the US that are struggling to make ends meet and it seems they are the last ones worried about. The focus continues to be on everyone in other countries and it’s not as if I am cold and uncaring but how can we as a country pour from an empty cup? We can’t give if we don’t have it. I like that Trump is focusing on America first. I truly believe that will benefit everyone in the long run.


I agree 100%. America should be concerned about Americans first. And I believe Donald Trump gets that.


I couldn’t agree more. I appreciate having a President that is looking out for us. I think the Democrats will lose all across the board in 2020. I’ve never seen so much hate for a President in all my 68 years. I’m glad to see others that share my views.

Also, the answer to that question I asked earlier about why President Trump doesn’t wear glasses or contacts is as follows:



Bwahahaha! I wondered why you were asking about his eyesight… :rofl:


Trump/Pence 2020. Keep America Great. Thank God we’re blessed with President Trump. I pray for him every day, since the evil forces from the left are out to get him. I’ll never turn my back on him. Pray for our great Nation and our awesome President. Hope you all are having a wonderful day.


Trump/Pence 2020. Keep America Great. One Nation Under God. We’ve been blessed with a great President. All the chitter-chatter by the left will backfire on them. Trump will win again. We can thank the evil lefties for it, too. I was so happy to see the Republicans step up yesterday. They need to be persistent and have our President’s back. God bless you all and I hope you have a great day.

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Trump will win again because the poor ol’ liberals just can’t keep from shooting themselves in the foot. Over and over and over again. They refuse to acknowledge that they are actually helping him get reelected. What does it say for them that, as bad as they think Trump is, he’s far better than anyone they’ve been able to offer up? And now Hillary is possibly entertaining the idea of jumping into the race? Bring it on, girlfriend! The only thing that will accomplish will be to take votes away from other Democratic hopefuls.

Keep it up, Dems. You’re doing a great job!


Trump/Pence 2020. Keep America Great. One Nation Under God.
Pray for our President and our country.

Have a great day, fellow Trumpeters.

God Bless America.


You have a fantastic day as well!
…and yes! God bless America!! :us:


The lefties are in panic mode, and they should be. The tables are about to be turned. I look forward to hearing what Democrats will be charged with high crimes and misdemeanors. Anyone with half a brain and a set of eyes can see right through the games.

Trump/Pence 2020. Keep America Great. One Nation Under God with liberty and JUSTICE for all, that includes our great President Trump. God bless him and God Bless the United States of America.

Have a great weekend, my fellow Trumpeters.