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I don’t want Liz in Jason’s orbit ever again as they have done this twice & she ends up with nothing. Let her find someone new as she deserves better.


I agree, I want Liz to find her own man & hope it’s not Franco as he is too nutty although I do like him but not with Liz. She needs a good man.

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I hope Liz and Franco are not put together. I never thought tptb should have recast Franco. I love the actor. I think it was a waste to cast him as Franco

Hoping they find that jake is not Jason son, so no connection with liz, bring lucky bk, she was decent then

I been watching GH for long times now Elizabeth and Jason started friendships together from beginning and fall in love with each other they have son together. wanted them take care son Jake shared custody with each other.Writing put Elizabeth with Franco don’t trust him wait and see what will happen next.

Roger Howorth is an amazing , talented actor. The scenes with him and Heather were hysterical. No, he’s not evil like James Franco’s character but if the writers just give him a storyline, he’ll be fabulous

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Franco stop elevator with Elizabeth worried for her she was OK went see more of them again.

Jason and Elizabeth have connected before there was Sam she was with Sonny before there Jason and Sam .

Look like Elizabeth is move on with Franco wait and see what else go be happy between them. Jason remarried ex wife Sam they have another baby again he really move on. Elizabeth and Jason work together for son be they for him.

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Your ruining GH writing Jason as a panzy ass Jason Morgan was a ruthless ass kicker not a loveable teddy bear fix him damn


Franco has become creepy. Now he doesn’t want Liz talking to any other guy next he will completely cut her off from everyone. I would run away fast before it’s to late.

Nope this crazy bitch kept Jason from not only his grieving wife for over a year but she kept him from his son too. She didn’t care that a child would never know his father just so she could have a bed warmer, the woman makes me sick. I hope Franco knocks her into next week. Now that would be a interesting story, battered women syndrome and maybe she will be redeemed in my eyes.

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Problem is she usually wants one who is already taken or is a nutjob. Maybe she should stop being so needy for awhile & focus on raising her kids, put the children first, find a man later… :unamused:

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I totally agree! They have made him so one dimensional. Not even character has to have to same personality type. His complexity is what made the character interesting to being with. Jason and Sam just bore me to death now.

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It’s not my computer because only this site is shaking. No where else that I log into do I have this problem. This as been going on since yesterday

bah. She isn’t any more needy than Sam or Carly when they are alone or heck when they have a man. Sam and Jason are SOOOOOO boring. Carly and Sonny it’s the same old same old. These aren’t good stories. What is it with the GH fans who want people tied to the same man for years and years… I prefer the more Y&R / BB heck even AMC had it - move these people around let us be outraged STOP with the same boring patterns.