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Hi Palski, last night was the first time I attempted to post on the new site under the New Democrats thread but wasn’t sure I was doing it correctly. My title wound up elsewhere and I had to leave because I had company, so I didn’t actually post anything other than the title. I’m going to try this again and see if I can get it to show up under the proper thread. If not, I’ll need to get input from Chrissi.

I read an article online titled: Perversion of Justice: How a future Trump Cabinet member gave a serial sex abuser the deal of a lifetime. That future Cabinet member turned out to be Alexander Acosta, Secretary of Labor. Since I read we can no longer post links, it can be googled with the heading. It’s very long but a must read. My jaw actually dropped from the cover up. :astonished:

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Hi B!
That is going to get very ugly. The public is going to be very disgusted as the facts come out (Outraged, more likely.)

I know I am.

hI guys it has been awhile how is everyone doing

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I read that article about epstein and acosta as well and derkowitz was one of epstein’s defense attorney these are some very sick people

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Hi loveridge, it’s nice to see you posting here again, as well as Palski (PIP). I hope our other Democratic posting pals will resume posting again, too.

Yes, I read that Dershowitz was one of Epstein’s defense attorneys. Don’t think it’s a coincidence either that Acosta gave that sweetheart of a deal to that human trafficking pedophile Epstein, and then Acosta winds up as Trump’s Labor Secretary who oversees a federal agency that provides oversight of the country’s labor laws, including human trafficking.

These people are lower than dirt and pond scum and they have these high level positions in our government. A lot of those young girls were in middle school. Why in the hell does Acosta still have a job? Oh, that’s right, Trump only hires the best people.

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thank you brian rose rachel maddow did two shows about epstein and acousta. There are a lot of people who want him to step down and he he should

I am happy to see everybody posting again. I fear for soaps. Politics are about to become very interesting. I cannot wait for Trump’s finances be made public.


Hi Shalaydra, it’s nice to see you posting.

I agree with you. I can’t wait for the Democrats to take over the House in January to do what the spineless, aiding and abetting House Republicans have failed to do: THEIR JOBS! BTW, Maxine Waters is set to head the House Financial Services Committee, and Adam Schiff is set to become chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Both will have subpoena powers, too. :laughing: Has to be Trump’s worst nightmare.

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For all Trump’s phony concern about voter fraud, haven’t heard a peep out of him about the North Carolina congressional race where Republican and fake pastor Mark Harris committed voter fraud. The voter fraud and cheating is so obvious that the state’s Board of Elections has refused to even certify the election. It seems to me that voter fraud is rampant among Republicans in power and those seeking to gain power. There is nothing so vile and so deceitful they won’t do in order to win. They lie, they steal, they cheat, and they suppress in order to maintain control. It really is sad, not to mention beyond desperate and pathetic. There is a sense of satisfaction and pride when you achieve something through hard work and HONESTY, something these swindlers and phony evangelicals will never experience.


did anyone catch how people at bush’s funeral was looking at trump and melania as they walked in it was priceless and even dick cheney gave trump the evil eye when he sat down next to obama

I am laughing my head off at the fraud in North Carolina. I am disgusted about more citizens in Wisconsin voted for Democrats for their state legislature, but Republicans won majority due to gerrymandering. That is fraud too.

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No. I missed it.

you can catch it on youtube

Two more years and the madness will end!

Retiring Trump enabler Orin Hatch says the Senate is in Crisis. I suppose it took Hatch retiring to come to this epiphany, something that has been painfully and sadly obvious to most people since Trump has occupied the Oval Office. Hatch is right about the Senate being in crisis. It’s in crisis because of HIM and other spineless, morally bankrupt, greedy, power hungry, treason enablers who care more about enriching themselves and their rich donors than they care about our country or the Russian/Trump campaign election coup. Hatch just recently said he doesn’t care if Trump committed crimes because he thinks Trump is doing a good job. Not only is the Senate in crisis, thanks to Hatch, Mitch McConnell, and the other spineless, missing in action Republican members of Congress, but so is the House, led by that embarrassment and weasel Paul Ryan. And it goes without saying, it’s a no-brainer, that the presidency, led by a habitual liar and charlatan, someone without a conscious or a soul, is in Crisis. Our country is run by a bunch of blatant, voter suppression Republicans who are liars, crooks, con artists, race-baiters, and traitor enablers who back, support, and defend rapists, pedophiles, and other criminals to stay in power. Their only loyalty is to themselves and whoever can fatten their bank accounts.

I was very disappointed that Michael Cohen only got 3 years in jail. IMO, his lying, greedy, treasonous ass should rot in prison for the crimes he willingly and knowingly committed, for all the people he bullied, intimidated, and screwed over, and for the damage he and other Trump enablers have done to our country.

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Hi everyone, the walls are closing in on the fraud in the whitehouse and the swamp he brought with him to DC. He needs a dream team of lawyers but he had to settle for Rudy.:slightly_smiling_face: I’m amazed that even Chris Christie turned down the Chief of Staff offer. I thought he’d do anything to get in the White House. Guess he doesn’t want to end up in prison. Are you sure we can’t post links? I thought this was a link only message board. Guess I’d better read the new rules.

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Hi Happens, it’s nice to see you posting. Yes, the walls are closing in on the crime family. They are pleading guilty to committing felonies they claimed never happened; they are implicating their co-conspirators; and they are being indicted and jailed. Others who have evaded being indicted and jailed, thus far, are leaving the White House and slithering back from where they came, the Swamp. A dream team of lawyers expect to be paid, and paid in full, for their services. Trump’s reputation for stiffing people who worked for him precedes him, so, LOL, you’re right, he had to settle for Rudy.

I don’t think Chris Christie will ever get a position in the crime family’s administration, thanks to Jared Kushner. Christie prosecuted Kushner’s father and he went to federal prison for about a year and a half. What’s really hilarious is that Trump had to settle for Mick Mulvaney as Chief of Staff, the same Mick Mulvaney who called Trump “a terrible human being.” Under any other administration, Chief of Staff would be a top, prestigious, sought after job. Under Trump, it’s a “take at your own risk” type of position.

I’m not sure why we can’t use links anymore but that question was posed by someone and the response was they are not allowed.

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No way should Benedict Flynn walk away without some stiff jail time for his crimes. He should get even more time for that stunt he and his attorneys pulled at the last minute insinuating that Flynn didn’t know it was a crime to lie to the FBI. While Flynn was leading the chant to lock Hillary Clinton up at Trump’s idiotic rallies, he knew he was committing felonies all over the place and it was he and his treasonous cohorts that should be locked up.

Fake Christian VP Mike Pence led the transition team and didn’t see a thing wrong with Flynn’s betrayal and corruption, so Flynn was rewarded for his crimes and corruption and given a position as National Security Adviser in the Trump Administration. This corrupt, unpatriotic administration should give all patriotic citizens reasons for grave concern.

And meanwhile, you have cowardly Republican members of Congress still searching for their spines and tongues, except when it comes to Hillary Clinton’s private email server. They’re still holding hearings on Clinton’s private email server, but none on Jared and Ivanka’s private email server.

I’m not a big fan of James Comey, but Lordy, :rofl: he rightfully called their sorry, pathetic asses out after they hauled him before Congress, yet one more time, to discuss Hillary’s email server in order to take the heat off of their great Leader.

Hi guys!:heartpulse:
I’m so glad the judge expressed his disdain for Flynn and said Flynn betrayed his country.

I wish he was serving his sentence. He is not allowed to travel more than 50 miles from his home per judge.

After reading the redacted parts of the report the judge asked if RM considered trying him for Treason.

Also, lesser known member of the transition was indicted a day earlier. (Nair?) Hired by Pence.

The entire administration is corrupt.