New board issues help here

Just don’t like new format. Too hard to follow. Too much work to follow. Count me out.

Everything is in here. :slight_smile:

There is still no way to send a new pm to anyone, including the mods. I followed the instructions in the FAQ post:
Click your profile image top right hand corner of the site (or placeholder if you did not upload an image)
You will see your name in grey underneath, then a grey envelope.
Click the envelope
Click new message

I can access my inbox, but there is no “new message” button.

Go to your preferences and check them to see that you have it checked off to use PMs. Let me know. I’ll check into it further if you have done so. If not it may be a setting.

I agree ! I don’t like this new site .


At this point, I’m asking everyone to only use this board as a place to discuss new board issues. Each time someone posts, I receive an email notification that brings me back here. I only want to return for issues about the new board so that my work in fixing any issues isn’t interrupted. Feel free to voice your opinion in a thread I’m not involved in.


I do have the box checked to receive messages. There is no other message box that I can find in my preferences.


See the grey envelope? Ribbon, then envelope, then gear. Everyone should have one unless they’re brand new posters. Check again.

Yes, I have all that. But there is no where to click to send a new message.

But you would click the envelope. It’s clickable. Everything in grey is. Then you hit ‘new message’. It’s all self-explanatory after.

Thank you. Honestly that new message button was not there earlier, but it is there now. It looks like my status changed, which triggered the button to be available to me.

I appreciate the help.

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Glad it’s working! Cheers!!

Perhaps I spoke too soon. Now I don’t have the gray envelope anymore. I can’t do a screenshot unfortunately, but the gray envelope was there and now it isn’t.

How do I add a link to a post? When I used the link button or just pasted the link, it shows the link in the preview box. But then when I try to post it, it gives me a message that I can’t add links to posts. Thank you.

The function was removed.

Okay. Thanks.

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There are some actor bashing posts I’d like to report. When I hunted a way to do that I found 2 ways - one said to touch the ! above the post but there is no !. The other said to touch the three dots near the like heart but there weren’t three dots.

Tara, find the FAQ on how to do that on the main message board. The three dots show the rest of the functions. If you can’t find them at all, email the techs at :grin:

@Chrissi is there a place that explains what the things on the board mean? For example, a blue circle over the number. A dot next to the subject. The numbers on the side of the subject. I thought when the new boards first came up, there was a post explaining how to navigate and view the sight but I’ve not found that post. Thanks!

Here you go - I’m sorry Delyla - totally flaked on that one post. Here it is Blue dots, dot next to subject, #s on subject side

I put it in here -

:slight_smile: Chrissi