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Shouldn’t this be posted in Announcements and not locked at the top of the general posts?


sOMETHING THAT WOULD NOT be a spoiler for the whole 14 minute show, would be to quit showing us a travellog of the area; over and over and over


ITA! And that scene of the same car pulling up at FC…Omgosh - how many years have we been seeing that?! There’s gotta be another way to create a segway.


Ridge is nothing but a bully, he certainly doesn’t deserve being any part of that babies life.

The baby belongs with his real father Thomas and Caroline, kick the bull to the curb .

I totally agree with you! I can’t stand Ridge. No one took his biological kids away from him. There is no way that he could love Thomas as his son. No father would take away a son from his own son. Baby Douglas is his grandchild, and he has no right to steal that little boy from Thomas. I dislike Caroline now. I think Caroline and Thomas will fall in love as they bond together as parents of Douglas. As far as Ridge goes, bring back Ronn Moss as Ridge. This new Ridge is heartless. Even with all the faults of Ridge, Ronn Moss played Ridge with a soft, big heart who loved all his women. This new Ridge is mean. I do not like him at all.

Thomas has no right to Douglas, they showed Caroline as being impaired by drugs and alcohol, she was not in her right mind when they had sex. What Thomas did was wrong, he took advantage of his father’s intended moments after the brake up. He is not a friend but a predator, a stakler. If a stranger did this, would one expect the rapist to have joint custody. Some one needs to remind Thomas of his part in that night.

Also Ridge hasn’t been tested again, he is just going by what the blackmailing Dr said. We all know how soap vasectomies reverse on you. Just ask Victor Newman, at the end of the day when the drama unfolds, Ridge will be the daddy, and Thomas will play the roll of the "Dirty Young Creep ". JMO

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I agree. Until a DNA test is taken, Ridge is the child’s father. If Thomas and Caroline are so sure that Thomas is the father, go take the test; dilemma solved!

Agree that plain white Forrester truck…and the building is a little dump no wonder everyone shares offices…

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IKR?! Spencer Pub has a skyscraper and awesome offices - Liam’s and Bill’s are the only 2 we see but at least they look fancy and Forrester looks rundown and pathetic. Is Spencer the leading family on this show now (well for a while)?

Everyone, well not everyone; but lots will be surpised when that so-called “bully” is proven to be the biological father of Douglas. Will Thomas feel like a damn fool then…


I agree Ridge is a bully. Why should Thomas feel like a fool? Roline are the deceitful lieing dummies. Talkig about looking like a fool. All these lies for nothing. That would be so good to see how far they would go and end destroying themselves for no reason. Thats foolish.

Good post Fivegrand!! I would have to agree 100%! I really hope that Ridge is the father of Douglas. Then everyone who thought they knew a big bad secret can start eating their words! It was nobody’s business other than Ridge, Caroline.and Thomas,—if he is the father. I used to like Katie, but she has shown her true colors. A lot of people are going to be hurt because of her. If it were me, I would hit the bottle too, after realizing what my meddling has done.

This Ridge is a mad man. Put him with Brooke maybe they can salvage something with them NOT Brooke and Bill.

I hope that proves to be true & everyone can finally get out of Ridge & Caroline’s business and tend to their own imploding lives. There’s enough other stuff brewing to occupy Bill for weeks to come.

Ai think these baby storylines laid a egg…time to wrap them up…

That’s disappointing…I didn’t want their marriage valid…that would have been the perfect solution to this mess.

Could do without Thomas altogether, thank you. He’s been on a while but is still sort of wooden in his acting. Which is the writers’ fault, not his. It’s fair that Ridge agreed to stop being the baby’s “father”, but IMHO, Douglas’s conception was the result of rape. No way that Thomas did not realize Caroline was not in her right mind that night. But, that’s Soap Opera Land for you!!!

hi Jooz miss your posts. I do wish ridge was daddy but I don’t see it happening, if it does it will be when tom and Caroline hook up gag me I can’t stand the perv. Happy summer

Who is Quinn’s Step daughter.was this an error in the script?