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Any good suggestions? I like animal kingdom a lot.

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Wentworth is the best series Iv’e ever watched. LOVE the show so if you haven’t caught it yet, it’s a must. Other than that my top favs

Breaking Bad
The Ranch
Good Girls
Orange is the New Black

ALL of these are great, and I think you would love them as I do.

Unbelievable is really good… just started watching it.

Totally different than the above suggestions, but if you need to relax (and laugh), check out Rilakkuma and Kaoru. It’s a Japanese animated show about a young career woman and the two giant stuffed bears that live with her.

I loved “Always be my Maybe” and “to all the boys I’ve loved before”. Both are movies.

Aggretsuko is a favourite of mine as well.

Ok cool. I like a bit of everything so will check it out… thanks

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thanks for the suggestions. I have so much to watch this winter now LOL

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I just finished with Shameless & Dead To Me. I am currently binge watching Orange Is The New Black & it, too, is great.

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Shameless is hilarious!

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