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Movin' On Up to the Big Time, Days Casts a Primetime Legend as Paulina's [Spoiler]

Details in the link: Days of Our Lives Casts Marla Gibbs as Paulina’s Mother Olivia Price |


Oh wow! How great that would be. I worry though that Ms Gibbs is 90 years old and recently had a fainting spell at a public relations event.
If the role wouldn’t be too taxing for her, that would be so gratifying to see an esteemed addition to the Paulina storyline.


Yes, loved her on The Jeffersons. Hope she still has that sass. God bless her, as she is 90, but I think Doug is also around that age, so I was really surprised when Julie said he hurt his shoulder playing racquetball ball. :astonished:

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Older people can still play some sports, just not with the vigor of younger jocks. :relaxed:

I agree and I see a lot of older people playing golf and tennis, but racquetball is a very rigorous sport, so I just don’t picture Doug doing it. :woman_shrugging:

But God bless him if he can play. :wink:

From Aunt Irma on Passions to Paulina’s mama on Days. So pumped for this!

I was hoping we’d be treated to Doug practicing one of his favorite songs for weddings.

I thought the reference to Doug’s sports injury was a bit out there, but I’m guessing Bill Hayes may want/need time away due to health/Covid concerns. Good idea in my opinion.

Her mom aww man I was hoping she’d be her con artist partner blackmailing a now gone straight Paulina and that was the real secret. That would have been more exciting.

She could be both: Paulina’s mom and a con artist. You never know.


I think it was just a funny and quirky storyline to explain why Doug and Julie were not going to go to the wedding. Everyone dropping out at the last second for various reasons was part of the theme. Doug/Bill Hayes has been on camera fairly recently.