Mother Superior is working my LAST NERVE! 😡😡😡

I’m watching Wednesday’s show and just want Mother Superior to SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY.

The way she’s giving Kayla the third-degree (as Sister Mary Elizabeth) is beyond upsetting.

First, she grills her on the accidental “husband” reference, then Miss Thang moves on to Sister M.E.'s missing glasses and how she won’t be able to read the Bible, and then she asks her to FREAKING RECITE A PASSAGE FROM THE BIBLE. Basically, “any of them.”

And then… this witch (I’m REALLY restraining myself from calling her something else) has the GALL to quote the “Judge not, lest ye be judged” passage, when BEFORE OUR EYES she’s judging Sister Mary Elizabeth?!!

O ye, of little faith, Mother Superior! O ye, of little faith!

I just want Sister Mary Elizabeth to SCHOOL HER on TRUE FAITH.

And let’s be real, Miss THANG… you do NOT get to judge someone, even a nun, for not memorizing every-single-passage in the Bible.

So what if Sister M.E. can’t remember that Deuteronomy passage?

Who can really remember everything?

And I don’t even think memorization is a requirement in the Catholic faith, for those who have Holy Orders.

Get a life, old lady!



Now, now! Language please, lest you run the risk of having your mouth washed out with soap. or your knuckles firmly rapped! LOL


Good point. But you know me…if I’m watching live…and my laptop is nearby…you all will probably get a play-by-play of my blood boiling when some of the characters do shocking things.

I just didn’t expect this from Mother Superior because she took in KRISTEN, of all people. And surely she knew what that woman was capable of, or easily could have Googled her.

And it’s a liberal order, as Mother Superior said (of course it is, I have to say, as a side-reference…Ron is so liberal he even made the order liberal!) so it just made no sense that she would take Sister M.E. to the mat like this.

It’s just like, mind your own business and pray your rosary, Mother Superior!

But then again, on second thought…sounds like Mother SUPERIOR took her name TOO seriously.

HUMILITY, Mother Superior. HUMILITY!!!

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In all fairness though, if I found someone snooping in and around my desk, I would feel quite liberated to come at them with no reservations.


Don’t know anything about Catholicism, but would a liberal-order of nuns wear that silly get-up?

I wouldn’t call the habit and uniform silly, as someone raised Catholic, but would answer yes, they would. It’s just like liberal Catholic priests; they still wear the traditional garments.

I mean, you do have a point… I guess because I’m so protective of sweet Kayla, it’s hard to watch ANYONE treat her so harshly.

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You just said what I was thinking. Here she is giving Kayla the third degree and yet she’s housing Kristen, the homicidal sociopath. Does she not know who she is? When all of this is over, I sure hope Kayla gives her a real earful about the nutjob she’s harboring posing as a nun.


This actually is a big problem (imo) with “Days” and I hope Ron addresses it. We WANT resolution to small things like this. I remember someone taunting a prisoner a few years back (it might have been a prison guard who unethically treated Adrienne when Bonnie body-switched with her). Anyway, that prison guard abused her power and mistreated (severely) the character, and Adrienne (if it was her) DESERVED ONSCREEN justice. And someone should have put that prison guard in her place.
Similarly, Mother Superior should be made a FOOL OF, and preferably by Steve, because I don’t see Kayla grinding her in the ground, verbally, like Steve would.
You raised excellent points that M.S. MUST learn about before the character leaves the canvas.
But I’m not sure Ron will write that because “Days” (not just Ron) rarely follows up on the little things like that which nag on daytime fans’ nerves.

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Mother Superior IMO was not that big a deal. My eighth grade nun would have pummeled Kayla for going through her desk. The worst things that people think about nuns, my teacher would have scared them spotless. She took great pleasure in humiliating the Bo’s & really just hated us girls. Of course, the things she did way back when would never be allowed in a parochial or public school today.


Exactly, but I think that kind of nun was a throwback to how things were. Nuns (even if they were from that era) have evolved. That’s why I didn’t appreciate Miss Thang’s treatment of Sweetness!

I laughed when I saw your comments because they’re so true. I went through 12 years of Catholic school as well as a Catholic nursing school. To this day, I strongly detest nuns (hate is a strong word so I won’t use that). And for all the reasons and more that you mentioned in your comments. Thank goodness most of them nowadays don’t wear habits, they are in regular clothes so you don’t know they’re a nun when you see them. Keeps my anxiety level down.