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Monday's GH recap: Julian finds a drunk Alexis, Jackie refuses Robert

Alexis drinking again is NOT a story I want to watch however a Julian and Alexis story is one I DO want to watch. I miss them as a couple and Julian needs a good storyline! ( I also secretly like Julian with Britt too )

That fool blamed juilan for nelles death
Or did i hear wrong hahaha

I openly love Julian with Britt…:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::100::100: But somehow the Writers have messed up with that…

I used to love Julexis…but now Alexis needs Jerry…or she needs to find her Strength and get done with so Much Funk…it is ridiculously offending… & I like her…

Alexis is in full self destruct mode. She is lashing out at everyone and Julian was right… she came there to fight. She is miserable and she wanted to make someone else miserable too so she went to the one person she knew would take all her anger and hurt and let her rage. She may say crap about never wanting to see him again but where did she go? Straight to Julian. I think she is blaming him because, no matter what has happened, she still wants him and I think a part of her still even loves him, and that has been making her miserable for four years. Every time she thinks she has gotten him out of her system, something happens and she realizes that she still wants and needs him. This is just my opinion. That is why she is blaming him for everything, and her life went down the drain when they split. She hasn’t been herself since he has been gone. She needs him and wants him and doesn’t know how to live without him but she doesn’t feel like she can ever trust him again.

I appreciate all that explanation…and you maybe right about her. However, it is tiring for me (and maybe others) to watch her say one thing only to behave the opposite. If she likes him and wants him back…She should just tell him. Unless…it is not that she can’t trust him again…but it is more so how would the rest of PC say to her if she took him back after all the spectacle she made about him putting a knife on her throat even after knowing that he was being forced to act that way by Olivia! Her Sponsor!..

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I agree that it has dragged on for far too long and now it seems like it might be to late for us to get any payoff from it if all the rumors are true about who is leaving. This makes me very sad. I was highly invested in this couple and really wanted them to get back together. I would LOVE to see them as a couple at least one last time. They are one of my must watch scenes every time they are on. This GH fan will surly be missing a favorite character and will grieve for all the story that could have been.

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I will miss Julian as well…probably for reasons different than yours…haha…but I will miss WD nonetheless…He is such a Great Actor and his place in my Soap heart will never be replaced…What a Gem he is been. This Fan will be in mourning then…:cry:

I like the realistic approach to alcoholism in this storyline. An alcoholic or other addict will statistically have more than 3 relapses after their initial recovery, before they permanently live a sober life.

I kind of doubt the writers have written this in with that in mind, but it helps me accept the flakiness of the Alexis character to understand it. I just hope whatever becomes of it, they do eventually let her live a healthy, sober life and not make it a constant story line of relapse over and over again.

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