That was the most miserablest soap opera I have ever watched. There was nothing happy about it it was so miserable I’ve never seen a soap opera like that. I watched when Tony was with Stacy and then he turns around and marries that rotten Lorna because Lorna was pregnant, and then Lorna had an abortion! He broke Stacy’s heart. What really used to drive me up the wall was Lorna’s horrible voice, she was always yelling and screaming and was so nasally, all that wench did was scream. I really hated Lorna I wish somebody had killed her. I liked it when Tony and Stacy were finally going to get married but then Stacy dumped him, he deserved it for marrying Lorna in the first place, he should have left Lorna on her own, she only got pregnant on purpose it seems just to try to take Tony from Stacy, but then she really didn’t want Tony, if Tony had left her on her own she would have had the abortion anyway. Lorna threw it in Tracy’s face that Tony dumped her, I just hated her so much I wanted someone to punch her, did anything bad ever happen to Lorna? I sure hope so…and then other stories we’re just as miserable. Ava was a psycho. Trisha Alden marries the guy of her dreams finally, a regular guy who didn’t have money like the Aldens but she married him anyway, it was just so beautiful and then he dies and just more misery misery misery… I stopped watching, it was awful. I can see why it was canceled. Now on General Hospital they brought into the show the town of Corinth, Pennsylvania where Loving was supposedly at, I’m just wondering if all the residents from Loving if they died or were killed off or whatever, again I hated that soap opera.