Lope suing for custody?

Hope and Liam are suing for custody next week? Isn’t Douglas already living with them? Or is Thomas the one suing?
The saddest thing is I think Steffy and Taylor will side with Lope.

Liam has all that smoke for Thomas but not his own daddy, who’s living with a criminal.
These two can’t have a storyline and are boring without Thomas. FIVE YEARS since he’s returned. He deserves better storylines. Free Thomas and free Douglas


Is Douglas going to go along with having ties to his father legally severed? They usually do ask the child, and if Douglas says he doesn’t want that, they may listen to him, particularly since there’s no obvious indication of abuse by his father. Courts generally don’t want to separate a child from their only living parent entirely if there’s any way to avoid it, and even if Thomas were to face charges for the CPS thing, it’s entirely possible that he could plea bargain down to a fine and community service, as he has no criminal history and it wasn’t a crime that could be considered even remotely violent. Also, if they sue for custody based on that, the court is likely to ask why they didn’t press charges immediately if they thought what Thomas did was so terribly wrong, and they didn’t. For that matter, if this were the real world, instead of Bell’s world, they’d have social services checking out that cabin and might find it a bit cramped for a family of four. They wouldn’t be pleased with what Liam has referred to as a malfunctioning stove either. Yes, they live on Brooke’s property, which may be palatial, but they live in that cabin. Right now Thomas may be living with Paris, but he could manage to find other digs if he wished, and his being unemployed at the moment isn’t that big of a deal, since he could probably live fairly nicely off 5% of FC without even working—and he could go looking for work elsewhere as well. The critics praised his last line, so that it likely wouldn’t be that difficult for him to find another job or to start designing independently for individual clients.

It might be interesting if Lope tried to sue for custody and Thomas started airing their dirty laundry, too. Like Liam and Bill failing for months to turn themselves in for the hit and run—even if Vinny committed suicide-by-car, they were still legally liable to report the accident as soon as they could, and instead they hid the fact they were involved for quite some time. Or he might mention that Hope shoved him into a vat and didn’t report that either. Or that Brooke pushed him off a cliff (the cops told him that if he should ever want to change his story that he “tripped,” he should let them know). Or, if he hired investigators, that not only was Liam’s father living with Sheila but that Hope’s father was plenty cozy with her as well. Since Taylor could testify that Sheila implied that she would use her connection to “Grandpa Bill” to be in Kelly’s life, it could be argued that Sheila would try the same thing with regard to Douglas if she has her hooks into both of Lope’s fathers.

It’s also just a wildly stupid time for Lope to be doing this. They have physical custody of Douglas right now. Thomas has shown no interest in demanding that change. Both of their families are upset about Sheila, and Brooke and Taylor are finally getting along. If they all start fighting about Douglas’ custody, that makes it easier for Sheila to operate. They need to bond together to take care of that issue right now. Besides, the audience just sat through months of the custody crap. Why would dredging that back up during Sweeps be helpful at all? Is anyone pining away for more of that?


Oh well, I guess I will be out again. I put up with a lot but I will not watch this slaughter of Thomas. The only reason I started watching again is because I thought Bell would lay off Thomas for awhile. Should have known better. I don’t think Lope would do it without talking to Douglas. I would not be surprised if Bell had Douglas be the one that wants it and ask them to do it. No big loss, I am only a week and a half back in and has been expecting something Tridge family destruction wise to drive me away again. Steffy is a honorary Logan. Bell knew it was the only way to kill some of the Logan hate, I could live with it. Taylor and Brooke, BFFs, I could live with it. The Lope/Douglas union going after Thomas again, well I guess today once again was my last day for a while. I will be back when Thomas teams with Shelia to do the Gozilla Stomp on everything Logan/Forrester/Spencer.


I so hope you get half your wish…I want Thomas to take out anything Logan/Spencer all on his own and while he is at it, take out Sheila as well…but please, make sure she takes out my for now most disliked Logan Katie…boy she is an annoying shrew….who exactly does this twit think she is???


It wouldn’t surprise me, either. After all, Douglas is written as the upright truth telling boy and Lope are meant to be squeaky clean too. The writers want to keep Thomas as their villian.


Of course any Logan ALWAYS gets what they want on this show! In “real” life Thomas would be bringing up both Hopes AND Brookes attempts on his life - explaining that this is the only reason he he called Social Services - because Brooke was, in fact, threatening him -AGAIN! Added to that both Liam and Bills failing to admit to hit and run (when he thought he had killed Vinny), There is - NO WAY ON GODS GREEN EARTH - that anyone would allow Hope and Liam to be in charge of anything above the level of a dead slug!
But this is Bells world, and we have all grown to KNOW that anything a Logan wants - a Logan gets. All so darn predictable! Just ONCE I think “most” people would love to see them come a cropper :frowning: Well, I guess it’s back to the “challenge” page - I now feel some more Karma heading the Logans way :wink:


What a crap fest . . . .


Yep and Douglas of course would never find out about Hope shoving his dad into a vat of acid and not getting him help . . . .


Didn’t one of the producers flat-out say that on a podcast or something?

I mean, not that it isn’t obvious from what they put on-screen.


Actually, read a snippet of an article posted on Twitter that Thomas is the one suing for custody!! Go Hot Thom!!!


It would make sense if Thomas sued at least for some kind of custodial rights. They don’t seem to have a legal document between them that outlines what rights either of them have. It just seems to be up to however Hope feels at the time, and that isn’t how it ought to work. Even if she continued to have residential custody, Thomas should be able to count on when and where he can see Douglas and Douglas should be able to count on the same thing.

BTW, if Lope intend to use the whole, “He wanted Douglas to keep something a secret!” line as the final straw, they better be prepared to have it thrown back at them because they were in on the whole “Don’t tell anyone about Santa kissing Grandma on NYE,” as a lot of people know about that one, too. In fact, unless Brooke, Hope, Liam, Steffy etc. are all willing to perjure themselves, they’d have to admit that happened. Heck, even if all the adults refused to admit that, would Douglas not tell the truth about it?

For that matter, if the Lope and Thomas start squabbling about who gets physical custody of Douglas, if the social worker (and there should be a social worker) assigned to the case asks Douglas where he would rather live, might Douglas surprise all of them and say not with Lope or Thomas—but with Sinn? I"m not advocating that, as I don’t think Sinn need the added responsibility right now, but it would fit in with Douglas suddenly being mentioned as being so interested in playdates at the Cliff House with Kelly, when that’s never been the case before. I’m not suggesting Douglas would necessarily say that is where he would want to live permanently either—but that while Lope and Thomas are duking it out, he just wants to be somewhere more neutral, and the one person who supported his telling the truth about NYE and the CPS call, the person he felt comfortable telling about the CPS call, was Steffy. Either that, or he could be sent to NYC to spend some time with his maternal grandmothers (which, depending on how much time off the little boy who plays Douglas might need, since he apparently has other projects in the works, might cover his absence while Lope and Thomas are going at it).

Oh, yeah, one other thing—Thomas could also argue that Hope used his feelings for her to get him to sign those papers in the first place, after her mother’s little scheme to get adoption papers signed and filed didn’t work. Then, as soon as the papers were signed, she wanted to grab Douglas and run, and in fact did that, after seeing him fall into a vat from a catwalk, without bothering to tell anyone about that. Not even after she found out the vat was filled with acid–which Charlie could testify he told her. Realistically, however, even with a vat filled with water, falling from that height, he could easily have been knocked unconscious by the fall and drowned. Or broken his neck and died. That would make it look as if Hope simply wanted him to believe she was interested in being a “family” with Douglas in order to get him to sign the papers. What answer would Hope have—or would Brooke have—if they were pressed on why Hope didn’t even try to get Thomas help that night? If he also mentioned the whole business on Halloween, where she was clearly acting more cozy with him than she felt for the same reason, it would make it look as if she were just looking for a way to get Douglas for herself, and she was playing Thomas to do it (and didn’t mind if he died in the process, given the whole vat debacle). And what’s Hope going to do? Lie to the judge? Also, so far as I remember, Liam doesn’t know anything about her tactics on Halloween because she didn’t want him to know. Of course, Lope aren’t as “stable” a couple as they like to make out that they are either, and Thomas can testify to that as well—and can point out that he’s the one who helped clear up Hayes’ paternity and get Liam and Bill out of jail, even though it did not serve him well to do either things if all he really wanted was to use Douglas to get to Hope, which I’m sure Lope will argue is the case.

Finally, if Hope tries to argue that she was always only looking to protect Douglas from Thomas, wouldn’t any decent lawyer Thomas hired (and he could afford to hire a good lawyer) ask why, if protecting Douglas was her main goal, she didn’t report the danger she thought his father represented to Douglas to the CPS? Didn’t she know that Douglas had plenty of family who could have taken temporary or permanent custody (if need be) of Douglas? Why did she do what she did instead? Was her motive about what was best for Douglas or what she wanted? What was best for her? Or maybe revenge because Thomas was briefly involved in (more briefly than most, at any rate) the whole Phoebeth mess? He kept her from Beth, so she was going to keep him from Douglas? Was Douglas her whole motive for marrying Thomas if that was the only way she could have him? Oh, and did she consult with her husband before trying to get custody of Douglas originally? Because unless Liam is willing to lie about that, he’s going to way he wasn’t in favor of it. If Lope want to portray Thomas as a mentally unstable user of Douglas for his own means, he could throw the whole thing back at Hope, and argue she was, and is, totally into being Douglas’ “Mommy Hope” because it feeds some need in her.

But that’s logical, and when it comes to his precious Hope, Bell doesn’t always allow for logic.


I was so hoping this. Thank you, can not wait!


If a custody battle is going to take place, it would be interesting (and not unrealistic) to have Douglas playing one parent off against another rather than always being the sweet angelic boy he is now, who never throws a temper tantrum, seldom sulks and is a regular Boy Scout.


There was no acid in the vat but Thomas wanted Hope to believe there was. Will Douglas learn that his dad doesn’t understand that no means no?


All you say is true, but none of it will happen in Bell land.


I feel you. I only started watching a few days ago. I hope the custody thing is with Katie, Will and Bill. Not because I want to see a stupid custody battle with those two idiots again, but because I want Bell to leave Thomas alone.

It was either Bold Live or KA’s IG live this past Friday, that Krista said quite a few things, but something she said that was significant, was that Taylor and Thomas are two characters that will always be held accountable. They film 6 weeks out, so is it going to be 6 weeks of Taylor and Thomas getting dragged?

It seems to me that the cast knows, just like us viewers, know that the Logans very rarely get held accountable.


Hope thought it was acid because Charlie told her it was. Regardless, she thought it was and acted like a Logan and protected what she wanted. She gave no thought to how his family would feel missing his, not knowing what had happened to him. BTW Douglas, whom she claims to love was part of that family. She was going to let that boy grow up thinking his dad deserted him, or worse, his father was out there and needed him. He would have spent his life in turmoil ,torture, and constant unknowing.

Before it is said But…, her first thoughts and actions was to protect Hopes wants. So they want to talk about using, that is using, no?
How about grabing on to a child because you are morning the loss of another child. Turning that child against his only living parent. Before anyone say ,No. That wedding that was not between Zoe and Thomas, says Yes.
If Thomas is the one going for custody. I hope he goes All out, and hog wild. Tell the world All their secrets if he has to. Tell about how Ridge tried to claim Douglas from under his nose. Now Lope is doing the same. Tell the world about everything and every word Brooke has done and said to him. Tell the world all about Liam. Crash his wonderboy image before the world. Bring up Bill, Deacon, and everyone else more unsuitable than himself, and let the Judge chew on it.
After all is said and done this is Bell. He will make the whole thing about Thomas using Douglas for reason or other. Hope he does not think anyone is going to fall for that one again. Just another set up, to drop us down, no soft landing around. I really think Bell, is unstable, he keeps using the same losing formula over and over. His yoyo will not work this time.


It doesn’t matter if there was or wasn’t acid in the vat. If someone falls from that height into a vat of any liquid, there’s a distinct possibility that they’re going to be knocked out and drown. Or break their neck and drown. Hope didn’t bother to tell anyone that Thomas had fallen into the vat, period. She just grabbed Douglas and those all important signed papers and ran. When something like that happens, a decent person would call for help ASAP—and since Hope works at FC, surely she knows how to call security.


In the end Thomas will get Douglas back and Lope will be rewarded with a son of their own because they are wonderful people and don’t want to keep a child from their only living parent. They have to keep up with the being good people persona you know.

Hope flat out told Thomas she took Douglas for revenge. In my opinion, Hope has had too much power when it comes to Douglas. She’s pretty much been allowed to call the shots, that’s why I think there should be some formal legal agreement so the rights of Hope and Thomas to have custody of Douglas are divided fair and square and can’t be disputed by either of them.