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Lope on the back burner for two fan favorite couples

Holy moly is Bell finally listening to the fans and cutting back on lopes screen time to give time for Carter & Quinn Finn & Steffy?


He is just fooling us, because we can’t have scenes for Quarter without Brooke and can’t have Sinn scenes without Paris. It is the writers’ way of increasing airtime for Paris and Brooke.

The soap can’t just be Lope, sinn, and Quarter though.


I understand and agree with that, but Brooke and Paris are not the only characters. I miss them featuring Wyatt, Katie, and others that could be featured if Brooke and Paris were not onscreen daily. They are really writing a lot for Paris lately. Makes no sense to me that Zende is related to the Forresters but is hardly ever seen, yet Paris is onscreen daily or almost daily.


I agree, I would like to see more of Wyatt and Katie too. I think the writers are doing better with showing everyone but they still have a lot of progress to make. I’m just so relieved that they are no longer doing one storyline at a time lol.


But why not….we had Hope and Liam, Liam and Hope for month after month and that was as boring and chomping on a carrot… lol


It wasn’t fun to watch when it was just Lope. Sure Hope is my girl, but there has to be other couples and characters.


Love Steffy & Finn💕! Let’s have more of that!


I agree it makes no sense to bring Zende back and do nothing with him. I wonder if it’s an acknowledgement that this current Zende is a flop, so they have stopped writing for him. The previous Zende had a more engaging presence. This Zende is kind of empty and vapid. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ship Zende off to Paris again to spend time with Zoe.